Wildflower Room and Yellow Desk Tour

-this post contains affiliate links- Hello everyone! I'm finally getting around to posting a room tour, hurrah! After about a year my sister Allison and I finally finished decorating our new bedroom, and a few months after that I finally finished putting this post together. So enjoy! I'm not exactly sure why, but the picture … Continue reading Wildflower Room and Yellow Desk Tour

Rooms Re-Done, Part 1

Hello everyone! I don't know if you remember, but awhile back I said that we were re-painting our rooms. They are painted! They look so much better. Soon we can go to Hobby Lobby to find treasures to beautify our room. Here's the first part of doing it! This is how part of the room … Continue reading Rooms Re-Done, Part 1

Some Things I Got For Christmas

Here are some of the things I got ... around 20 days late. XD Everybody should know this - I'm not bragging. I wasn't going to say that because I was pretty sure you already knew that, but since all the other bloggers are, I guess I better put it on. I will start with … Continue reading Some Things I Got For Christmas

Room Tour

To start with... Oh bother. I'm going to post this post later. I need to take more pictures. :\ Well, see you in, uh, when you read this there will be words right down there, but seeing as I'm gonna leave this go and take pictures, I'll see you either later on today, or tomorrow. I'm … Continue reading Room Tour