The Sunshine Blogger Award and Some Quotes

Hello everyone! Sam tagged me for The Sunshine Blogger Award a few weeks ago and came up with such great questions that I decided to go ahead and do it, even though I practically never do tags. But I didn't want to heap on you another boring tag post (I'm afraid my answers aren't quite as … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award and Some Quotes

Fences, Roses, and Dreary Weather (+ an Award)

Greetings/salutations/hello/etc! Today I have some photos that Allison and I took in a recent photoshoot we did. In fact, they are so recent that Allison hasn't posted them yet! This is a never before seen photoshoot on my blog! Shocking. *weeks later* Hehe. Well Allison still hasn't posted it, but I can't say it's terribly … Continue reading Fences, Roses, and Dreary Weather (+ an Award)

Sisters Q&A: Part 2

Hey guys! It's time for the second round of the Sisters Q&A! Allison will try to guess my answer, and then at the bottom of the post I'll say how many she got right. ______________________________________________________________   Sarah   What is your favorite movie soundtrack of all time? Guess: Frozen? Answer: I don't know... Frozen is … Continue reading Sisters Q&A: Part 2

Two Year Blogiversary Q&A

En quoi tout le monde ? A few days ago I had my blogiversary (I've been blogging for two years!) and I asked you all to ask me some questions. You did, and now I'm here with the answers. Fun fun!Lily asked... 1. Have you ever eaten white chocolate ice cream with pistachio chunks in … Continue reading Two Year Blogiversary Q&A

Leibster Award!

I have decided to do this award that Josie nominated me for. 😀 I decided to make my own button. 😀 Also, I will be using lots of GIFs for this post. 🙂 Now, for those of you who don't know how to do awards, you basically just answer the questions given to you and … Continue reading Leibster Award!

Nominations for the Daisy Chain Award

As you may know, I was awarded the Daisy Chain Award by Josie.  Now, it's time for nominations. I nominate... A Farm Girls Life Unicorn's Never Ending Story The Dolls of Maple Street   The questions are.... (from the movie FROZEN) Ana or Elsa or Olaf?   Mac and cheese or pizza or hot dogs? … Continue reading Nominations for the Daisy Chain Award