Three Poems from the Past

Hey guys! I found some old poems I wrote when I was seven or something. 😛 Here they are, I didn't edit them at all, not even the titles. Poem #1: Meal's b-fast lunch and supper I will eat them upper, b-fast has eggs and tost, I do not know wich I like the most … Continue reading Three Poems from the Past

Ode to Worms

Yep!  That's right!  Another ode (you can see the other one HERE).   And this time it is about worms! Ode to Worms By Megan Worms are nice and pinkish-tan And usually they are squishy, But still we put them in a can And feed them to a fishy.  . On a sidewalk crisp and dry Lies … Continue reading Ode to Worms

Ode to Tissue

Ode to Tissues By Megan Tissues are nice an soft, Tissues are kind and light, But do we care one little bit? No! Poor tissue, we don't care about it. The tissue is soft to the touch, But that doesn't amount to much, When we have a cold, and need him most, I'm sure the … Continue reading Ode to Tissue

A Poem 🌹

This is a poem I wrote; Happiness Happiness is as yellow as the sun, It tastes like powdered sugar And it smells like roses. Happiness looks like a fluffy yellow chick, It sounds like children laughing. I hope you like it! So long! Megan