Rooms Re-Done, Part 2

Hello everyone! I did part one of this back here, and now I'm here with part two. My sister already posted about this on her blog, so probably all of you already know about how it looks... *sulks* 😛 Oh well. 🙂 After all the wallpaper was taken off, the walls were plastered and sanded, … Continue reading Rooms Re-Done, Part 2


Ok guys.... is this amazing? I think SO! XD It's the last category. I'm sure you are all itching (hopefully not literally) to know who's AHEAD SO FAR!?! This post will be filled with capital letters for two reasons; one, this is the last category, and two, I feel like it. 😛 I have to … Continue reading BIBPC ~ LAST CATEGORY!

Mini Society

Wow! I just looked at my last post and it has been a whole 11 days since I did a post last.*Gulp!*  Anyways, last Friday, at our homeschool co-op, we had a mini society.  This is where the whole middle school makes products and sells them to the teachers, high schoolers, and some of the younger grades.  … Continue reading Mini Society

Picture of the Week

Uggh!  How come I can never get a Picture of the Week done on the right day!?  Well... I guess it's still this week...  ANYWAY! Here is a picture of our cotton plant we are growing.  I think it looks really neat.  

Polyphemus Moth

One night Jeff and I were harvesting stuff from our garden when we saw this HUGE moth!   He was on our banana peppers, just sitting there.  I went to get my camera and he was still in the exact same spot!  After about 50 pictures, I picked it up, and all he did was flutter a bit he … Continue reading Polyphemus Moth

Fair Week

We were off to the Fair! 7 ribbons. 3 canned things, 1 quilt, 2 photos, and 1 home grown thing

A Hike in the Mountains 🌄

Last Friday we went hiking at Skyline drive with some friends from church.  We walked on the Dark Hollow Falls trail.  We had walked about 25 feet down the trail when some of the crew needed to go to the bathroom.  while they went down to the visitor center the rest of us (including me) played at … Continue reading A Hike in the Mountains 🌄