A Few DSLR Tidbits

Today I'm going to be sharing some of my photography I've taken over the last little while with my sister's DSLR. I don't regularly use it, but Allison does let me take pictures with it occasionally.

Rooms Re-Done, Part 2

Hello everyone! I did part one of this back here, and now I'm here with part two. My sister already posted about this on her blog, so probably all of you already know about how it looks... *sulks* 😛 Oh well. 🙂 After all the wallpaper was taken off, the walls were plastered and sanded, … Continue reading Rooms Re-Done, Part 2

5 Etsy Favorites

Hello everyone! Today I have some of my favorite things from Etsy. 😀 But before that, I need to do a shout out to.... Miss Magic's Memoir! Check out this fun blog HERE. Okay, ready? Let's start. 1 . Little Snowy Owl This is actually one of my sister's creations! Isn't he just so cute … Continue reading 5 Etsy Favorites

LOTS of Random Photos

I have so many random photos! I use some of them in Photo of the Weeks; but still, that would take awhile to use them all up, and then I would have taken even more! So, here they are! Let the random photos begin. This is a painting I did with pokeberry and leaf juice. … Continue reading LOTS of Random Photos

Photo of the Week ~ 10-12-15

I made a splatter painting with the canvas my mom got me for my birthday!