Wind-Blown Pages

My mom found some really neat books that are over one hundred years old, and a few days ago I had some fun taking pictures of them. The wind was actually quite helpful in turning the pages of the books. Continue reading “Wind-Blown Pages”


BIBPC #3 Category #6

Here are the team’s points! 🙂

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BIBPC #3 Category #5


If I didn’t get your entry… yes, I think you know already. Oh well. If I didn’t get your entry, your name won’t be on here.

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A Bonfire (Old Pictures)

I was looking through some pictures and I saw these pictures of a bonfire. These were taken back in May, 2014.

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Three Poems from the Past

Hey guys! I found some old poems I wrote when I was seven or something. 😛 Here they are, I didn’t edit them at all, not even the titles.

Poem #1: Meal’s

b-fast lunch and supper

I will eat them upper,

b-fast has eggs and tost,

I do not know wich I like the most

Lunch has left over’s tons and tons

to Pick them out is kinda fun!

Supper has all kinds of good things to eat!

Veg’ys, salad, bread and Meet

So that is all of the Meal’s b-fast lunch and supper

Poem #2: a fly

if I were a fly

I’d’ fly up up High

I’d eat only crumbs

and wouldn’t have thumbs

I’d be black not green

I might not be keen

So I don’t want to be a fly!

(This one actually made me laugh out loud. XD XD )

Poem #3: Dice

Dice are nice, they look kind of like ice,

You can Roll them twice,

So that is Why Dice are nice.

Those were quite funny. XD

Do you want to see more old poems? Which one of these was your favorite?


I wrote one about the ‘conturey’ as well. 😛 I meant country. 😉

Posts From the Ancient Times #2

Hey guys! I’m here with an old post. You can see the original thing HERE, or just read below. 😉 This will be a good bit different from my other posts, and I’m fairly sure most of you won’t be terribly interested in this… but oh well. It’s kind of funny. 😛

Okay, here’s a guest post by my brother, published almost two years ago. 🙂

By Logan

About a month ago, Dad bought a new combine harvester, and it just arrived Saturday. It came from Jamestown, North Dakota. It was to big too fit on the trailer without taking off the wheels, so it arrived without the wheels on. They had to jack it up on the trailer, and it took from 5:25 to 8:55pm to get it off the trailer!!

DSCN0113[1] DSCN0111[1]


       It’s a Cat Lexion 480, and it is around twice the size of our old combine, not to mention 15 years newer! It can hold 280 bushels of grain in the bin, vs. 180 on our other one, and has 360 horsepower vs. around 175 horsepower on the old one. This picture is the best one Megan could get Saturday night when they got it off

Megan 5-07-14 115

( Our old one was a 1985 Massey Ferguson 860).


When Dad got it parked in the shed, we got some good pictures of it, and from the one picture, you can get an idea of how big it is from me beside it. The cab is also a BIG improvement from the other one, and it even has a buddy seat! Dad thinks he can adapt the old corn header to fit it, but since our small grain header was about shot, Dad bought a used 25′ one out of (I think) Kansas.

Megan 5-07-14 190Megan 5-07-14 185



So Long! Logan.


Well, that was different! 😛

So Long!


I gave Jinx (our cat) a finger-full of whipped cream and now he keeps licking his lips. 😛



Posts From Ancient Times ~ #2

Here is another old post, I hope you enjoy it! 😀

Make Your Own Postcard

If you ever want to send someone a postcard and don’t have any, just make one!


You will need: cardstock, glossy paper(if you don’t have any that’s just fine. You can use normal paper), pencil, scissors, ruler, and a photo. Continue reading “Posts From Ancient Times ~ #2”

Another Story from of Old – The Magical Jelly Bean

Here is another story from of old! I think I wrote this when I was a little older. 🙂 If you want to see my other one, click HERE.

The Magical Jelly Bean

By Megan

One fine morning Kathy who was 10 woke up & looked out her window. “Why!” she said, “I don’t remember that hill being there!” After school Kathy went out to have a good look at the hill. “Oh!” She cried, “Why it’s a giant jelly bean!” “Shucks!” She said, “The flavors lime. I wish it was Bubble Gum.” Suddenly the jelly bean turned pink! “Oh! Goodie!” She said, “I will just take teeny weenie bite.” “She took a nibble, “Mmm” She said. Just then the place where she took a nibble grew back! “I must get Julia!” She raced over to her house. Come quickly. She called to her twin sister. They raced over to the jelly bean. “Ohhhhh” Said Julia. “Just say what flavor you want! Caramel!” Julia said. It turned brown.

“Wow!” Said Julia, taking another bite. “This is great, we should slide down this!” “Yes we should.” Kathy said. They took turns sliding down the jelly bean. After a little while they grew tired of that, they climbed to the top of the jelly bean to rest a bit. “Wouldn’t it be great if it could fly?” Asked Julia. “We could always try.” Said Kathy. “O.K.” said Julia. “1 2 3 FLY!” They said. The jelly bean lifted off the ground, sprouted wings and popped up seat belts! “Here we go!” Shouted Kathy. “Lets go to the stream by our house.” Said Kathy. They flew over to the stream. Plop! The jelly bean landed in the mud. “Oh no!” said Kathy, “ when we go home we should wash it.” They played in the stream till dinner. When they landed Kathy’s Mummy came running out the door yelling: “sakes alive! What’s that thing?”. “it’s a magical jelly bean!” They yelled. After dinner they washed the jelly bean, than they went to bed. After that every day after school Kathy & Julia went to play with the jelly bean. Once they went on vacation with it!


The End


Funny! Here are the illustrations I made for it.

carmel vaction jelly bean


Our dear cat, Coffee Bean, just died today. 😥