Answers to Mystery Pictures #2

Yay!  We get to see the winners!  Seven people 'played'.  I will post what the guessers guessed and then the answers. First of all there is Clara.  She guessed that #1 was a plant in a fish tank, #2 was a potato, and #3 was cauliflower (Wow, it does look like cauliflower!). Next is Sunny … Continue reading Answers to Mystery Pictures #2

Mystery Pictures #2

More mystery photos!!  Yay!  All you have to do is write what you think the picture is in the comments and I will post the winners and answers later on.  There are no prizes, just fun. 🙂 #1 #2 #3 Let the guessing begin!

Answers to Mystery Pictures!

Okay!!  Are you ready to see the answers? First I am going to tell you what they are, and then who got what right (:[] ). Number one was.... The one, the only, Maggie! Number two was.... Pine needles! And the last and hardest one was... CORN! Now, for who got what right. ( :[] )  This … Continue reading Answers to Mystery Pictures!

Mystery Pictures

My brother Jeff gave me this idea a while ago and also, my sister Allison did one of these posts HERE.  So, here goes! #1 #2 #3 Try to guess! Hee hee hee!