28 Christmas Gift Ideas

**this post contains affiliate links** Hello everyone! Today I am bringing you 28 different ideas for Christmas gifts to give to people this year. Or next year. Or whenever. The point is, here are some products that I think would make great gifts! I've organized them into four different categories: gifts for bookworms, gifts for … Continue reading 28 Christmas Gift Ideas

BIBPC the Fourth Category #5

I'm a day late again. But at least it's just one day! 😀 Team Owl: TEAM OWL: Gracie Karissa Reya Danielle Lexie April Zielle K.A. Nicole (In Our Dreams) Suzy Points from Category #1: 72 A few people had to leave BIBPC, so if you would like to join BIBPC now, Team Owl has spots … Continue reading BIBPC the Fourth Category #5