Winter Wonderland

We finally got snow!  And tons of it. 😀 I didn't get extremely many photos, but at least you can see how much we got! Wow.. I guess I did actually get pretty many photos! XD Here is a GIF of snow falling. 😀 It's kinda jerky... :/ How many of you guys got snow? … Continue reading Winter Wonderland

Posts From the Ancient Times #1

I've been thinking about doing these for awhile. This is a post that I published long ago (in the ancient times). Enjoy!   Amusing Animals Here are a few funny pictures of our pets/animals around us. Jinx signature   DUKE (our Grammy's dog) Signature Maggie and Jinx Signatures     Here are others you can caption … Continue reading Posts From the Ancient Times #1

Photo of the Week

I have to decided to do Carmen Posts every other week. Also thank you for all the comments on her first one! The first few days after she published it, she would come down when she woke up and ask if she had any comments. Hehe! Onto Photo of the Week! Not the best quality, … Continue reading Photo of the Week

Guest Post by Carmen

My little sister Carmen is going to do a guest post! I wrote down exactly what she told me to say, even some of the punctuation and smiley faces. She took all the pictures.  The title is... The Things That I Like  🙂 Enjoy! I have a camera and I just took pictures today. I also have … Continue reading Guest Post by Carmen

Photo of the Week ~ 12-21-15

Maggie's nose! News: I have recently written some guest posts! If you want to read them you can see my interview with K.A. HERE,  my post on how to make gift tags that I did on Hayley's blog HERE, and my guest post about some of my art on Genna's new blog HERE. We got... oh … Continue reading Photo of the Week ~ 12-21-15

Photo Shoot With Coffee Bean

I realized a few days ago that poor Coffee Bean has never been mentioned since way back in the beginning of September. He has grown up quite a bit and is now a close to full grown cat! Here is his well-deserved photo shoot. First I put him on Maggie’s dog house, but he didn’t … Continue reading Photo Shoot With Coffee Bean

I Just Got My Camera, I Just Got My Camera!

Does that title remind anyone of Blue's Clues? Anyone? But the title is right! I got my camera!!! I'm afraid you will have to brace yourself, because I will be spouting out millions of exclamation points... xD I ordered my camera about a week ago and it said it would arrive from December 12th to … Continue reading I Just Got My Camera, I Just Got My Camera!

A GIANT Leaf Pile

We made a giant leaf pile right under our zip line and then we zip lined through it! It was so fun! Here are some pictures. And lastly, a GIF of Jeff zip-lining into the leaf pile! Does that look like fun or what!? 😀 Another thing, I added some stuff to all my pages and added … Continue reading A GIANT Leaf Pile

LOTS of Random Photos

I have so many random photos! I use some of them in Photo of the Weeks; but still, that would take awhile to use them all up, and then I would have taken even more! So, here they are! Let the random photos begin. This is a painting I did with pokeberry and leaf juice. … Continue reading LOTS of Random Photos

Answers to Mystery Pictures!

Okay!!  Are you ready to see the answers? First I am going to tell you what they are, and then who got what right (:[] ). Number one was.... The one, the only, Maggie! Number two was.... Pine needles! And the last and hardest one was... CORN! Now, for who got what right. ( :[] )  This … Continue reading Answers to Mystery Pictures!

Random Photos and a Caption It!

Howdeedoo?! First off, I’m going to show you my random photos.  Here is a black snake that I saw crawling through a roll of wire. And then here is a picture of me driving the mower, or rather, a picture of the steering wheel of the mower. And here is the tasty mint ice cream … Continue reading Random Photos and a Caption It!

AAF~ Part 3: Maggie and Jinx

So here's part three of AAF.  This time its about our dog and cat, who don't like each other, but they'll have to be in the same post. Maggie Maggie is our lovable Labrador dog. Date adopted: 26th of October, 2013 Birthday: July 10th, 2013 Breed: Yellow Lab Cuteness: 100%! Maggie is a very playful … Continue reading AAF~ Part 3: Maggie and Jinx

Animals Around the Farm-Part 1🐾

I decided to do a series of posts about some of the animals around our farm. In the first part you will get a sneak peek of all the animals I will be showing you. Maggie and Jinx I'm going to put these two together in one post. Tadpoles and Frog (Bubble) We caught the tadpoles … Continue reading Animals Around the Farm-Part 1🐾