Off to Assateague

This coming Monday my family is going to Assiteugue and Chincoteague Island. I won't be gone long, just six days, so there isn't really a need to tell you all, but I wanted to make a post anyway.  My parents asked us where we wanted to go for vacation,  and I couldn't think of anywhere really, … Continue reading Off to Assateague

Interview With K.A: Gathering Cattle

Hello everyone! Today I have an interview I did with K.A. about gathering cattle. 🙂 Enjoy! **Every photo (including the one I used to make the poster) was taken by K.A.** M: How many hours of work are there normally in a gathering day? K: It usually depends... Usually we would get up at like … Continue reading Interview With K.A: Gathering Cattle

Photo of the Week {6-26-16}

Isn't the pony adorable?

Of Horses and Roses

A while back I went to a stable with my friend and my sister and we went horse-back riding. Here are some photos! The last three photos are of the horse I rode, Bo. Bonus photo! There were some goats on a little board thing and one goat laid down basically on it! As you … Continue reading Of Horses and Roses

Photo of the Week ~ Palomino

I've decided to title every Photo of the Week. 😀 I got this picture when I went horse back riding about a week ago, isn't she/he so pretty? I love the wooden fence too! 🙂 Okay, here is the news: Again, Josie and I are sitll holding our monthly blog button giveaway! 😀 Check it out HERE. … Continue reading Photo of the Week ~ Palomino

My WordCrafters Chapter

Allison and Josie created WordCrafters and its my turn now! You can go to this page to see all the chapters so far. 🙂 Here is my chapter. I mixed a bunch more fairytales into this one! 😀 I linked to myself just so that Allison wouldn't have to. 😉 Chapter 11 by Megan Alalia … Continue reading My WordCrafters Chapter

BIBPC Category #5

Wow! We only have about three categories left! I got entries from: mbrown110504 The Camera Lens (Rachael) Suzy Nicole (The Secret Life of an Irish Dancer) Sunny Points: 155 Rebekah Allison K.A. Danielle Christian Homeschooler Points: 213 Hayley Genna AG Dolls And Fun Mallory Shannon Points: 197 Loren Josie Nicole (Girl Meets World Blog) AnonymousA … Continue reading BIBPC Category #5