Giveaway Winner!!

EEK! ARE YOU EXCITED? I AM! I AM SO SO EXCITED! I might be more excited than some of the people who have entered... XD WHO IS THE WINNER? MEE! Okay, just kidding. 😛 Just to remind you, the winner will get a clay bluebird, a clay starfish, a clay rose transfer, a clay inchworm, … Continue reading Giveaway Winner!!

Button/Sign-Off Giveaway WINNER!

Are you guys ready to see who won?  Of course so! But sadly only one person could win. 😦 No worries though! I will try to do this again sometime. Maybe when I get two hundred posts! Only fifty more to go. 🙂 Also Nicole is doing a giveaway like this which you can see on her post HERE. … Continue reading Button/Sign-Off Giveaway WINNER!