A Summer Wildflower Expedition

Hello everyone! We're over halfway through July, and I'm posting my last June happening. XD Oh, but before I start, if you are doing The Summer Bored Games make sure to check out the newest challenges Allison posted on her blog! CLICK CLICK CLICK! In celebration of the first day of Summer (and because I had been … Continue reading A Summer Wildflower Expedition

Grass and Fleabane Photogrpahy

How is everyone today? 🙂 Fleabane is such a horrible name for this wildflower, and very un-poetical. 😛 Oh well. I hope my photography makes up for it! 😀 Fleabane: Grass Heads: That last picture is my fifth picture for the seven day nature challenge. I'm not sure if it's a grass head, but whatever. … Continue reading Grass and Fleabane Photogrpahy