Fishing Trip

A few weeks ago our parents, grandparents, and aunt and uncle went to a wedding, so our cousins and us decided to have a ‘rejection party’ and go fishing at our (great) uncle’s pond down the road. It was quite fun! Continue reading “Fishing Trip”


New Pets!

Don’t get overelly excited, our new pets aren’t fuzzy creatures. But they are pretty cool. 🙂 If you haven’t guessed what they are yet, then I’ll have to tell you I suppose. 😛 I’ll give you time to guess….




There we go! XD They are fish!

Get ready for a lot of words… :[]

You might remember a post about our crayfish a few months ago. Crayfish are really neat, but the one problem is algae. We gave them tons of rocks and other hiding places, but the thing with that is they get lots and lots of algae on. We were cleaning our big ten-gallon tank every two weeks! And it only stayed clean about one week.

On Monday we decided that maybe the crayfish should go to the pond. We hoped that if they weren’t in there and their hiding places weren’t in there then it would take longer for the algae to come. Oh wait, did I mention that the crayfish had forests of algae growing on their back? Yes, they did. And you can’t very well put them in boiling water and scrub them with an old tooth brush like you can their hiding places.

Anyway, Allison and Logan took them down to our creek to live in open spaces. Jeff and I (with some… help… from Carmen) cleaned all the algae off the tank and the rocks. We got rid of the big rocks that collected algae, and then we begged mom to let us go get fish after supper.

Mom and Dad consented and after supper we went to Petco. We took about an hour deciding and getting our fish, and then back home we went to put them in the tank. Now there were no crayfish to rip off their fins (yes, one unfortunate fish met that fate) and they swim about quite happily with our old minnows. Right as I type I can see all our fish swimming about in the tank.

Whew! That was a lot of words! If you got through that, you shall be rewarded with photos of the fishes (that is grammatically correct), all nine of them. 😛

Starting with Allison’s fish, named Mandy. She is a gold dust molly.

Megan (Inchy B, clay, keyboard, jinx, fish, clouds, geese) 091 (1280x960)

Megan (Inchy B, clay, keyboard, jinx, fish, clouds, geese) 107 (1280x960)
She’s a little camera-shy, but in this photo she’s the yellow one with the black eye. 😛

Then there’s Logan’s fish.

Name: Hal (Hungarian for ‘fish’)

Breed: Gold Panda Lyretail Molly

Jeff got a Red Wag Platy and he named it Freddy.

Carmen got two fish. One was a goldfish that she named Sarah.

Her other one is a Sunset Platy and she named it Coral, but we just figured out that ‘she’ is actually a male. 😛

And now for mine. 🙂 I also got two fish. The one is a Dalmation Molly and I named it Dixie.

My other one is what we call a ‘Sucker Fish’. XD He is really a Bristlenose Plecostomus. I named him S. J. which stands for Sucker Jones. 😛 He likes to hide, so I only got one picture of him when he was stuck to the tank. 😛

Megan (Inchy B, clay, keyboard, jinx, fish, clouds, geese) 042 (1280x960).jpg

And then our old fish, Skippy and Thing 1 (Thing 2 died) we think are Bluntnose Minnows that we caught in a river. They are hard to tell apart, but here are some photos.

Wow… this post was rather long. XD You should know plenty about our fish now!


Whew, I finally got my weekly GIF up! :/ 😛