CWWC and AAWC Story

Howdy. 🙂 Today I'll be showing you my entry for AAWC (Misty's contest) and CWWC (Loren's contest). I used the prompts from this CWWC post and from this AWWC post. I included my AWWC team mascot, the eagle. Whew. Now that all of the capital letters are done, let me explain something. This story has … Continue reading CWWC and AAWC Story

AAWC Story and PTPWC Story

Hey guys! Today I combined the challenge from Misty's writing contest and Samantha's writing contest into one story! 😀 I used the prompts and my team's name. Here it is. I plucked a periwinkle-colored flower with my slender fingers as I walked along the road. The sun was rising up above the dusty blue mountains, lighting … Continue reading AAWC Story and PTPWC Story

AAWC Story: Teach Me How to Fly

Hello guys, I'm here today with an AAWC story for all of y'all. (By the way, I rarely use "y'all" in real life, I just had an urge. XD ) Misty is hosting this challenge, and for the first one I was supposed to use the word 'reflection' in it. I could also use the … Continue reading AAWC Story: Teach Me How to Fly