Barn Dancing [June Happenings Part I]

Hello everyone! I hope you’re surviving the summer heat. 😛 2018 is over halfway done! Only 165 days until its 2019.  We’ve already had several adventures in the halfway point month of this year and I'm going to try to do a mini series about a few of them. First up is definitely of highlight … Continue reading Barn Dancing [June Happenings Part I]

Rooms Re-Done, Part 2

Hello everyone! I did part one of this back here, and now I'm here with part two. My sister already posted about this on her blog, so probably all of you already know about how it looks... *sulks* 😛 Oh well. 🙂 After all the wallpaper was taken off, the walls were plastered and sanded, … Continue reading Rooms Re-Done, Part 2