Crayfish Small Talk

Hey folksies! Last night I was looking at the crayfish tank and was thinking about what crayfish might say if they could talk. I made what I thought up into pictures. Read the blue speech bubble first, then read the yellow.  If you can't read them, it might help to click on them. Hehehehe! That was fun! Which was … Continue reading Crayfish Small Talk

Creatures of the Tank

Oooh!  What could it be? What could it BE? Here are some hints: crustaceans, river, small, big claws. Claws? BIG CLAWS?!? Oh, what COULD it be?! Okay.  Don't worry we didn't capture some monster.  But they can look kind of - uh - shall we say strange? Crawdads! Crawfish! Crayfish! Mudbugs! Little lobsters with claws and bug … Continue reading Creatures of the Tank