Review: WeeLittleCrafts Mini Woodland Animal Set

Aren't I great at long titles? XD Most of you know that my sister has an Etsy shop! If you don't then you can check it out by clicking on that yellow word way back there that is getting farther and farther away as I type. 😛 Anyway, I wanted to do a review on … Continue reading Review: WeeLittleCrafts Mini Woodland Animal Set

Photo of the Week

I have to decided to do Carmen Posts every other week. Also thank you for all the comments on her first one! The first few days after she published it, she would come down when she woke up and ask if she had any comments. Hehe! Onto Photo of the Week! Not the best quality, … Continue reading Photo of the Week

How to Make a Hedghog Piñata

Hello hello HELLO! If you read my sister's post you will know that my party this year had a woodland theme.  You also might know that I had a piñata. Well, I knew I wanted to have a hedgehog piñata but when I looked on Pinterest there was nothing! So I had to make one up myself. There … Continue reading How to Make a Hedghog Piñata

DIY Gourd Vases

♪'Tis the season for gourds and pumpkins and things... ♫