Sunny Buttercups & Sulky Felines

Hello everyone! A few days ago I was taking some pictures for Hannah's photography contest, and I decided to photograph some of the buttercups that are everywhere right now. I was originally taking a picture of our black cat, Jinx, with a buttercup crown for the contrast category, so I'll start with those photos. Allison … Continue reading Sunny Buttercups & Sulky Felines

September Photography

Hello guys! I've gathered together some photos I've taken in September so far. 🙂 Pretty sunset. Fuzzy black critters! Lily is nervous about bunny-sitting. XD Yummy ice cream... I'm pretty sure that dad told me that the tall silo is the tallest silo in our state. Our skidloader caught on fire a week or two … Continue reading September Photography

Cat Opinions (Part 2 of Collab with Clara)

A little while ago I posted two dog's opinions on certain topics. Now it's the cat's turn. Clara wrote Grover's and I wrote Jinx's. 🙂 We have Grover and Jinx. Grover chooses green and Jinx chooses 'dignified blue'.   Grover: Hello, humans. I am Grover, King Of All Cats. I'm going to give you my opinion on … Continue reading Cat Opinions (Part 2 of Collab with Clara)

Dog Opinions (Collab with Clara)

Hello folks! Clara won my giveaway and she got to make a guest post! We came up with some topics for the dogs and then we asked them to write about the topics. XD (Okay.. in reality Clara did Maude's and I did Maggie's) We also did the cats, but I'll save that for another … Continue reading Dog Opinions (Collab with Clara)

Pet Life Lately

I feel in the mood for something more.... Hmm. Animalish? Funnyish? Yeah, those kind of word the spell check doesn't like. :/ XD Here are some words from Jinx about life lately. He may have made just a few typos, but he was very excited to tell you something. JINX (Cat) Oh, my dear readers, … Continue reading Pet Life Lately

Meowing Advice And…

Today’s post will be pretty short, but Jinx would like to help out all his fellow blog cats that are in need of advice. He has discovered a blog and every Sunday, a cat will give some meowing advice! I reblogged it here and you can comment on her real post *here* to ask a question.

The Best Of Two Worlds

Hello! R here! (First, L says Meowing Advice is only open to cats and other pets. Sorry humans!)

Yes, yes. We know, R. Go away. My turn. Hello! L speaking! So we have gotten a question from Jinx, a cat like me! 

And it was commented by Megan, from

Yes, you are correct R. Here it is!

“Hi L. I don’t like people. They are really annoying and are always wanting to hold me!! Any suggestions? ~Jinx”

Hi Jinx! Before we start, I completely agree with you. Here are my suggestions:

  • It’s okay to not be a people person. It’s okay to not want to be petted. I only let my family pet me when I’m tired, and I end up loving it. 
  • Only be nice before they give you food.


Oops, you’re still there!? Anyway…

  • Play with them when you don’t want to be held. I think they just want…

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The Diary of Clementine~ Entry One

Hello! Clementine will be sharing entry number one today with us.  She plans to keep a pretty regular diary, but isn't sure if she will always remember. Hi.  I'm Clementine.  And you are my diary.  That sounds silly, let me cross it out. Dear Diary, Hello there! This first entry is mostly about my living … Continue reading The Diary of Clementine~ Entry One

Coffee Bean’s Close Encounter

Hi! Maybe you remember me saying something about a 'kitten photo story' back in the poll I did.  Well, I had taken some photos of the kittens a while back and decided that I'd take the rest later. Well, uh, lets just say that I kinda forgot about it, and discovered that kitties grow up. But … Continue reading Coffee Bean’s Close Encounter

Another Kitten Duo

Yeah, I know, first Caesar and BoBo and now these? But according to the likes, Caesar and BoBo was a pretty popular post, and these kittens are extremely cute. But first I need to tell you their names.  There is a boy and a girl. The girl is Joy and the boy is Coffee Bean. … Continue reading Another Kitten Duo