Like you probably already know from the title, today I have some pictures of flowers that I took a few days ago. The lighting was kinda harsh for some of these pictures, but I think most of them turned out well.

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Cherry Tree Photography


In my last post I mentioned that we walked to our grandma’s house to take pictures of her flowering almond. Actually…. I was wrong. We looked it up and it’s really a cherry tree. 😛 Whoops!  But I didn’t put a picture on, I was saving that for this post. 😀 These trees are so pretty. I got a gajillion photos, but I’ve selected just ten to show you. 🙂 Continue reading “Cherry Tree Photography”

News, a Guitar, and Flowers


Hello guys! 😀

First, before I get any further, I should tell you the bad news. Are you ready for it? Continue reading “News, a Guitar, and Flowers”