BIBPC #3 Ends

BIBPC Poster by Megan. Hello all! BIBPC #3 has ended. 😦 Thank you everyone for participating! Aria livtayy K.A. Lily AnonymousA Christian Homeschooler Addylover Points Earned this Time: 91 (Everyone on team Popsicle entered a photo this time! Bravo!) Total Points: 458 Anika Reya Kate (Scatterbrained Seamstress) Sarah Ali Points Earned this Time: 82 Total … Continue reading BIBPC #3 Ends

In Which BIBPC the Second Comes to a Close

Guten Tag! 🙂 Yep. BIBPC the Second is ending. Today you get to see which team won and I'll also do the winning photo of each category, just for fun. 😉 Ready? OKAY! Hayley Rebekah Grace (The Girl Upstairs) Josie Nabila Genna AddyLover Maddy Anika Rutvi Ray Hale Points: 521 Misty Clara Kellyn Samantha Janie … Continue reading In Which BIBPC the Second Comes to a Close