BIBPC #5 {Category #7}

Featured image by¬†Charis Rae. Hey! For once this post is on the day I intended it to be. ūüôā Anyway, this is the¬†last category¬†in BIBPC #5. Gasp! If your name is in italic then I didn‚Äôt get your photo for category #6 and if there‚Äôs a little + sign next to you name then I … Continue reading BIBPC #5 {Category #7}

BIBPC the Fifth

FEATURED IMAGE MADE BY CHARIS. Here is my semi-celebratory blog post for 1,000 followers. Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest is back! (Ugh, I really wish I had named it something else but I don't want to change everything now. BIBPC it shall have to be.) What is BIBPC? BIBPC (Boring Into Beautiful Photography Challenge/Contest) is … Continue reading BIBPC the Fifth