Fences, Roses, and Dreary Weather (+ an Award)

Greetings/salutations/hello/etc! Today I have some photos that Allison and I took in a recent photoshoot we did. In fact, they are so recent that Allison hasn't posted them yet! This is a never before seen photoshoot on my blog! Shocking. *weeks later* Hehe. Well Allison still hasn't posted it, but I can't say it's terribly … Continue reading Fences, Roses, and Dreary Weather (+ an Award)

The Music Tag â™ª

What's that? Megan's doing a tag? Quite right! Katie from Miss Magic's Memoirs did this tag and 'nominated' whoever wanted to do this. I thought it looked like FUN! 😀 So... rules. Write ten songs that come on shuffle (no skipping) Write your favorite lyrics from each song Tag some people Let's see here... *goes … Continue reading The Music Tag â™ª

Best of 2015 (Inspired by Clara)

Hey everybody! I hope you had a fun Christmas! (To my cousin Clara, I'm talking about a different Clara. ;)) Clara over at Clara's Craft Corner is doing this, only with doll blogs. I asked her if I could do this only with general blogs and she said.... yes! Yay! Now presenting... It will be a lot different … Continue reading Best of 2015 (Inspired by Clara)

Nominations for the Daisy Chain Award

As you may know, I was awarded the Daisy Chain Award by Josie.  Now, it's time for nominations. I nominate... A Farm Girls Life Unicorn's Never Ending Story The Dolls of Maple Street   The questions are.... (from the movie FROZEN) Ana or Elsa or Olaf?   Mac and cheese or pizza or hot dogs? … Continue reading Nominations for the Daisy Chain Award