Thus Ends July

This is several days late, but better late than never! ūüôā My summer seems kinda run together, so I'm not quite sure what all happened in July. Thankfully I have pictures to look back over to see when we did what, and so I shall write about our adventures in July. Let's see... well, our … Continue reading Thus Ends July

How to Make ATCs

Probably lots of you already know what ATCs are, but in case you don't, read on! First of all, what does¬†ATC stand for?¬† Artist Trading Cards -'cause that's what they are!¬†And the good news is you don't have to be a¬†wonderful artist - you can just¬†pick up a pencil and draw a quick scene, or … Continue reading How to Make ATCs

10 Fun Things That Will Cure Your Boredom (At Least For a Little Bit)

Hey guys! Here are 10 fun things that you can do easily,¬†not many materials required.¬† Actually, towards the bottom you might need a few more things to make it work.¬† Also, you might need some outside room. This one¬†is super fun to do but make sure to do it on a wood floor.¬† I got … Continue reading 10 Fun Things That Will Cure Your Boredom (At Least For a Little Bit)


I love making ATCs.¬† I think I have somewhere around 40 of them at the moment and still counting! If you don't know what they are, I highly suggest you go to Haley's blog HERE.¬† She talks about ATCs HERE. Anyways, I am going to post some pictures of mine.¬† The first 'batch' of pictures … Continue reading My ATCs