Fences, Roses, and Dreary Weather (+ an Award)

Greetings/salutations/hello/etc! Today I have some photos that Allison and I took in a recent photoshoot we did. In fact, they are so recent that Allison hasn't posted them yet! This is a never before seen photoshoot on my blog! Shocking. *weeks later* Hehe. Well Allison still hasn't posted it, but I can't say it's terribly … Continue reading Fences, Roses, and Dreary Weather (+ an Award)

Sisters Q&A: Part 2

Hey guys! It's time for the second round of the Sisters Q&A! Allison will try to guess my answer, and then at the bottom of the post I'll say how many she got right. ______________________________________________________________   Sarah   What is your favorite movie soundtrack of all time? Guess: Frozen? Answer: I don't know... Frozen is … Continue reading Sisters Q&A: Part 2

Answers to Mystery Pictures #2

Yay!  We get to see the winners!  Seven people 'played'.  I will post what the guessers guessed and then the answers. First of all there is Clara.  She guessed that #1 was a plant in a fish tank, #2 was a potato, and #3 was cauliflower (Wow, it does look like cauliflower!). Next is Sunny … Continue reading Answers to Mystery Pictures #2