Clementine in the Grass

Yesterday I took Clementine for a walk down by our 'creek' (its about one foot wide and three inches deep ūüėä).¬† She was being a good little model and I got some pretty good pictures of her, but then she decided to cross the creek and landed in the middle of it.¬† ūüôā¬† Poor Clemmie. … Continue reading Clementine in the Grass

The Diary of Clementine~ Entry One

Hello! Clementine will be sharing entry number one today with us.¬† She plans to keep a pretty regular diary, but isn't sure if she will always remember. Hi.¬† I'm Clementine.¬† And you are my diary.¬† That sounds silly, let me cross it out. Dear Diary, Hello there! This first entry is mostly about my living … Continue reading The Diary of Clementine~ Entry One

Coffee Bean’s Close Encounter

Hi! Maybe you remember me saying something about a 'kitten photo story' back in¬†the poll I did.¬† Well, I had taken some photos of the kittens a while back and decided that I'd take the rest later. Well, uh, lets just say that I kinda forgot about it, and discovered that kitties grow up. But … Continue reading Coffee Bean’s Close Encounter

AAF Part 4 ~ The Chickens

Another AAF!¬† For those of you who don't know what that stands for, it means Animals Around the Farm. This time it is all about our chickens and their eggs. First, how many chickens do we have?¬† Umm, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... Let's just say around 24,000. O.o!¬†Yes you heard (or¬†read)¬†right. And a lot … Continue reading AAF Part 4 ~ The Chickens

Strawflower in Late Summer

I have a beautiful strawflower in my garden and got some pictures¬†I wanted to share with you. After that¬†I went to the rabbits¬†trying to take pictures of them,¬†but Willow was determined to photobomb! I hope you enjoyed these pictures! P.S.¬† Today is my birthday!¬† Woo-hoo! Later¬†I might do a post on how to make a … Continue reading Strawflower in Late Summer

Photo of the Week ~ 8 – 24 – 15

This is a picture of a tree frog we caught at Amelia Island.  Isn't he pretty?

Creatures of the Tank

Oooh!¬† What could it be? What could it BE? Here are some hints: crustaceans, river, small, big claws. Claws? BIG CLAWS?!? Oh, what¬†COULD it be?! Okay.¬† Don't worry we didn't capture some monster.¬† But they can look kind of - uh - shall we say strange? Crawdads! Crawfish! Crayfish! Mudbugs!¬†Little lobsters with claws and bug … Continue reading Creatures of the Tank

10 Fun Things That Will Cure Your Boredom (At Least For a Little Bit)

Hey guys! Here are 10 fun things that you can do easily,¬†not many materials required.¬† Actually, towards the bottom you might need a few more things to make it work.¬† Also, you might need some outside room. This one¬†is super fun to do but make sure to do it on a wood floor.¬† I got … Continue reading 10 Fun Things That Will Cure Your Boredom (At Least For a Little Bit)

Caesar and BoBo – 3 Weeks Later (or Four)

Yay!¬† This and the Yo-Yon flower had the most votes on my poll, and since¬†I don't really have time for a huge long post like that right now, I decided to do this!¬† And yes, I did take¬† more than two pictures this time. Alright.¬† So, first the news. SNIFF!!!!! No they didn't die, but … Continue reading Caesar and BoBo – 3 Weeks Later (or Four)

Photo of the Week ~ 7-20-15


Grand News!

Are you ready to hear the great and grand news?¬† It contains something we got last night, and also¬†has¬†something to do with these creatures: Actually, you know what?¬† I am going to let you guess. But I will tell you real soon! Guess away my dears! Oh, all right.¬† I guess I can tell you … Continue reading Grand News!

Answers to Mystery Pictures!

Okay!!¬† Are you ready to see the answers? First I am going to tell you what they are, and then who got¬†what¬†right (:[] ). Number one was.... The one, the only, Maggie! Number two was.... Pine needles! And the last and hardest one was... CORN! Now, for who got what right. ( :[] )¬† This … Continue reading Answers to Mystery Pictures!

Another Kitten Duo

Yeah, I know, first Caesar and BoBo and now these? But according to the likes, Caesar and BoBo was a pretty popular post, and these kittens are extremely cute. But first I need to tell you their names.¬† There is a boy and a girl. The girl is Joy and the boy is Coffee Bean. … Continue reading Another Kitten Duo