Here are the blogs I have designed. Some of the bloggers may have changed their design by the time you see this, so if you click on the link and the blog looks different, that’s why. 🙂

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// Meg’s Life \\



// The Blog Dolly \\




-sidebar graphics-


// Anika’s Avenue \\


// Books & Candies \\


// Julia’s Journal \\




// Bees, Butterflies, and Me \\


// My Own World \\


//The Girl Upstairs\\



// Capturing & Creating \\

blog design capturing and creating 1blog design capturing and creating 2

// A Red Head With a Book \\

blog design red head with a book 1blog design red head with a book 2

// Small Dolls Big Hearts \\

blog design SDBH 1blog design SDBH 2blog design SDBH 3

// Reveries Reviews \\

blog design reveries reviews 1blog design reveries reviews 2blog design reveries reviews 3blog design reveries reviews 4blog design reveries reviews 5

// Girls Living for God’s Glory \\

blog designGLFGG 1blog design GLFGGblog design GLFGG 3

// Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds \\

gollden feathers silver clouds.PNG

// Mallory’s Wee Blog (button) \\

// The Lamp, the Teacup, and Some Chaotic Overthinking (button) \\

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// Nancy Drew (header) \\

// Young Ladies For Christ \\

This includes the header, and signoffs/names on the sidebar, as well as the general color palette and idea, but counting everything else, the blog design is by Megan @ Barefoot Gal Design, Anika Joy, and Allie Taylor.