Photo of the Week~ 6-22-15

This is my Grandmother's cat, Fuzzer.  Sadly she died a while ago.  😔

Mulberry Picking

Yay! The mulberries are ripe! On Tuesday Jeff and I went up to a fence row in a pasture where there were some very long mulberries.  We spread a blanket on the ground and shook the branch until we had a lot. Then we sorted out the green ones, the over ripe ones and the … Continue reading Mulberry Picking


I love making ATCs.  I think I have somewhere around 40 of them at the moment and still counting! If you don't know what they are, I highly suggest you go to Haley's blog HERE.  She talks about ATCs HERE. Anyways, I am going to post some pictures of mine.  The first 'batch' of pictures … Continue reading My ATCs

K-LOVE Fan Award Winnners~ Who I Would Have Picked

Howdeedoo?! First of all, I need to thank Sunny for giving me this idea.  You can read her opinions on the Fan Awards HERE. And then if wondering what K-LOVE and Fan Awards are, I'll tell you. K-LOVE is a Christian radio station that our family listens to.  You can find your station HERE.   And then HERE is … Continue reading K-LOVE Fan Award Winnners~ Who I Would Have Picked

Photo of the Week

I'm going to try to do Photo of the Week again.  So here is the photo of this week.  "Two Geese"

A Barefoot Gal

If you're reading this (unless your reading it on your WordPress reader or email), you are no longer reading, you are reading......! If you swapped buttons and it's not up there, it's because when I changed my theme it removed most of my widgets.  Please tell me if I forgot yours.  Also, can … Continue reading A Barefoot Gal


Whoops!! is not available.  I was thinking maybe Megan


Guys, I decided I don't want to do my blog anymore. Its becoming hard to keep up and its not much fun. Sorry................... Megan APRIL FOOLS! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I fool you?

Caption It!

Hey gals! Here is a Caption It! for you.  You can just leave a caption in the comments and I will pick the one I like best some time next week.  Here it is! isn't Jinx simply darling??


No I'm not talking about a TV show, I am talking about a game my sister made up.  Here it is.

More Polls

You might have noticed by now that I like doing polls.  So here are some more!         And one more thing. I found out how you can see the other answers that people put on your polls (if you are a WordPress blogger)!  You just go to your dashboard, click on "Feedback", … Continue reading More Polls

A Tidbit

Here is a tiny tidbit, I have 10 followers! Kelly was my tenth.  Thank you all!

A Walk

Awhile back my mom thought it would be fun to walk all around our farm's property borders.  We all thought that sounded fun, and so we set out at around  3:00.  We found a lot of things on our farm that I didn't know we had.  For one, we have a cave on our farm! I … Continue reading A Walk