My Story for C.W.W.C.

Loren is doing a writing challenge over at her blog Blue Eyes Gray Eyes. Here is my story. I munched on my peanut butter, cheese, and honey sandwich while looking into my cup of hot tea.  With my imagination I turned it into a gloomy forest.  Tall and foreboding trees rose up from the center … Continue reading My Story for C.W.W.C.

Walter, The Story of an Unhappy Dresser Handle

Walter was an ordinary dresser handle, at least that’s what he thought. The only way he was different from the other handles was his name. While all the other handles were named Bob, he was named… Walter! But one day all this changed for Walter. He noticed that the other handles often whispered to themselves, but … Continue reading Walter, The Story of an Unhappy Dresser Handle

Jamie Gillset~ Chapter 7 + Announcement

See all the chapters so far on this page HERE. 7 When the thing started barking, Jamie was pretty sure that this wasn’t a bear.  She stood up, still keeping her distance. “Is this Jumbo?” she asked. “Yes, this is Jumbo, and I’m sorry for not telling you that he was a dog, I am sure … Continue reading Jamie Gillset~ Chapter 7 + Announcement

A Story From of Old (Illustrations Included)

I wrote this story on our computer a long time ago. Maybe when I was seven? Anyway, it was awhile ago, but it is still on the computer! I also have the 'illustrations' I drew using the app Paint. There may be typos, because I am pretty sure this is the original. Enjoy! 😀 By Megan The … Continue reading A Story From of Old (Illustrations Included)

Jamie Gillset~ Chapter 6

 See chapter one HERE, two HERE, three HERE, four HERE, and five HERE. 6 “So how did you make this place?”  Jamie asked. “Oh, I didn’t make all of it.  Actually, I was going to make a small one but I when I started digging, I found there was already a hole.  Not this big, … Continue reading Jamie Gillset~ Chapter 6

Jamie Gillset Chapter 5

See chapter one HERE, two HERE, three HERE, and four HERE. 5 ‘Whoa,  Jessica! This is amazing!” Jamie looked around the room at each thing.  There was a box with a ragged looking tablecloth and two stumps around it. Against a wall was a chest with the four candles on.  A thing resembling a bookcase … Continue reading Jamie Gillset Chapter 5

Jamie Gillset – Chapter 4

Ready for chapter four? 4 Jamie started in surprise.  This girl looked like the same girl that had been riding the horse in her dream.  She had the same ginger hair but her eyes were different.  They were a bluish gray. She had on a blue shirt and on it was a watermelon with sunglasses.  … Continue reading Jamie Gillset – Chapter 4

Jamie Gillset ~ Chapter 3

3 When Jamie woke up it was dark.  She thought she had woken up in the middle of the night until she realized that Truffle was on top of her.  She pushed him off and saw the oyster that she forgot to eat for her bedtime snack.  She ate it, and then spit it out.  … Continue reading Jamie Gillset ~ Chapter 3

Jamie Gillset~Preface and Chapter 1

I have been working on a story for a while and I decided to share it with you.  Jamie Gillset probably won't be the real title, but I can't think of any title for it so that'll have to do.  It's about seven pages long so far and it would be longer, but somehow it … Continue reading Jamie Gillset~Preface and Chapter 1

A Valentine Cat

Here is a short story I made up.  Happy Valentines Day! A Valentine Cat By Megan It all happened early one Valentines morning. I, who am 10, was downstairs eating a breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, and an apple when I heard a little meow. It came from outside on the doorstep. I opened the … Continue reading A Valentine Cat