The Alliteration Tag

Hello all! Today Zielle posted this really neat tag, and she said "whoever can whistle, OR whoever types ‘At the end of the rainbow there is gold with broccoli.’ while looking up at the ceiling in the comments and gets at least 1 word right" can do the tag! 😀 So here I am. 🙂 … Continue reading The Alliteration Tag

Three Poems from the Past

Hey guys! I found some old poems I wrote when I was seven or something. 😛 Here they are, I didn't edit them at all, not even the titles. Poem #1: Meal's b-fast lunch and supper I will eat them upper, b-fast has eggs and tost, I do not know wich I like the most … Continue reading Three Poems from the Past

Ode to Worms

Yep!  That's right!  Another ode (you can see the other one HERE).   And this time it is about worms! Ode to Worms By Megan Worms are nice and pinkish-tan And usually they are squishy, But still we put them in a can And feed them to a fishy.  . On a sidewalk crisp and dry Lies … Continue reading Ode to Worms

Random Photos and a Caption It!

Howdeedoo?! First off, I’m going to show you my random photos.  Here is a black snake that I saw crawling through a roll of wire. And then here is a picture of me driving the mower, or rather, a picture of the steering wheel of the mower. And here is the tasty mint ice cream … Continue reading Random Photos and a Caption It!

Pet Photo Contest Results

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It's the 13th! Time to see who wins!  First of all I want to thank everyone who entered.  I am so happy you did.  I am so sad if you didn't get around to it, but I will probably have more contests soon, so stay tuned! Okay so most people wanted me to be … Continue reading Pet Photo Contest Results

Pet Photo Contest and Other Such Things

Howdeedoo! I'm going to do a Pet Photo Contest.  The rules are very simple. Take a photo of your pet.  It has to be taken by you. Not by your sister or anything like that. Post the picture on your blog.  Your post should look kind of like this: Megan at Dandelions and Daisies is doing a pet … Continue reading Pet Photo Contest and Other Such Things

Ode to Tissue

Ode to Tissues By Megan Tissues are nice an soft, Tissues are kind and light, But do we care one little bit? No! Poor tissue, we don't care about it. The tissue is soft to the touch, But that doesn't amount to much, When we have a cold, and need him most, I'm sure the … Continue reading Ode to Tissue

The Glory of Sunsets

A while back there was this BEAUTIFUL striking sunset.  I got some pretty good pictures too.  Enjoy!     *********************************************************** Here's a poll for you too.

Hidden Photo

Boards.  What's so great about boards?  Look behind them, and then comment to say what you saw!  (If you didn't see anything, I'll post a picture that you can see better in a few days.)

Picture of the Week

A lighthouse we saw in Rhode Island.    

Picture of the Week

Uggh!  How come I can never get a Picture of the Week done on the right day!?  Well... I guess it's still this week...  ANYWAY! Here is a picture of our cotton plant we are growing.  I think it looks really neat.  

Flowers, Flowers, and more Flowers!💐

Lots of flower pictures I took

Photo Shoot: Silage Wagon⛲️

A few days ago Carmen and I went down to our silage wagons to take pictures of Maggie. But, unfortunately Maggie decided she didn't want to have a photo shoot. This is the best picture I took of her before she ran away. When I was trying to get Maggie's picture, Carmen wanted to get … Continue reading Photo Shoot: Silage Wagon⛲️