Photo of the Week {7-10-16}

This bird must not have been early enough, it looks rather hungry to me.  


Photo of the Week {7-3-16}

Blast off!

Photo of the Week

Today will be news-less. 😦 😀

Picture of the Week~ 6-15-15

Yummy French Bread!

2014 Recap

I have decided to do a 2014 recap post.  All the green words you can click on to see a post. I started blogging in 2014 on a private blog called Dandelions and Daffodils.  But since that wasn't working to swell I decided to move.  After a few attempts I got my old blog moved … Continue reading 2014 Recap

Picture of the Week

A lighthouse we saw in Rhode Island.    

Picture of the Week

Uggh!  How come I can never get a Picture of the Week done on the right day!?  Well... I guess it's still this week...  ANYWAY! Here is a picture of our cotton plant we are growing.  I think it looks really neat.  

Picture of the Week


Picture of the Week

This is a picture of Honey Bunny, my sister's rabbit.

Picture of the Week⛲️

Gourmet..... cereal?

Picture of the Week⛲️

A picture I took in Rhode Island.

Picture of the Week⛲️

Picture of the Week-Dragonfly

Picture of the Week⛲️

Picture of the Week- Maggie