Introducing THE SURVEY II + Eeyore

Hello everyone! My friend, MacRae, and I made a survey a while ago which I posted on my blog, and since everyone loved it (or at least the majority of people did) we made a second one! It's been a long time in the making but now it's done and we want to know your opinions … Continue reading Introducing THE SURVEY II + Eeyore

Photoshoot with Basil

Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I did a post completely about bunnies, so a few days ago I let Basil romp about in our yard while I took some pictures of her. I got about 150 photos, but almost half of them were a white blur. XD I picked fortyish of my … Continue reading Photoshoot with Basil

Baby Bunnies (Again)

I need to work on my titles. It's time for more pictures of the baby bunnies! This time I'll be posting pictures of the other three rabbits besides Basil. First up, Ginger! Ginger is so cute and photogenic. He's Allison's bunny - at least until we sell them. After I took pictures of Ginger, I … Continue reading Baby Bunnies (Again)

“Beyond Me” || A Lyric Photoshoot With Lily

Hello guys! Today I have a lyric photo shoot starring the lovely Lily. 🙂 You can play this song "Beyond Me" by TobyMac while you look at the photos if you'd like. Let's begin! 😀 Call it a reason to retreat I got some dreams that are bigger than me I might be outmatched, outsized, … Continue reading “Beyond Me” || A Lyric Photoshoot With Lily

The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry 9

Hello, one and all! The great Clementine is back. I almost didn't write an entry for this month, but I'm squeezing it in, just for you. (Oh, if you want to see my other entries, go HERE.) So. Megan didn't take many picture of the big rabbits in September. She took a few of me … Continue reading The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry 9

Baby Bunny Photoshoot

Hello all! Today I have pictures of our baby bunnies! And I will also reveal their names. 😀 The first three have six or seven pictures each, and then the last two just have one picture each... *sheepish grin* I kinda got bored after three bunnies... But I took one or two more of the … Continue reading Baby Bunny Photoshoot

Pet Life Lately

I feel in the mood for something more.... Hmm. Animalish? Funnyish? Yeah, those kind of word the spell check doesn't like. :/ XD Here are some words from Jinx about life lately. He may have made just a few typos, but he was very excited to tell you something. JINX (Cat) Oh, my dear readers, … Continue reading Pet Life Lately

(Forgotten)Photo of the Week

I forgot that I needed to post the photo of the week when I published my other post today! But here it is. 😀 That rabbit is our friend's rabbit, named Snickers. Isn't he SO CUTE? And also, here is some news! For those of you who are participating in BIBPC, Shannon is now joining team Tulip!  … Continue reading (Forgotten)Photo of the Week

Meowing Advice And…

Today’s post will be pretty short, but Jinx would like to help out all his fellow blog cats that are in need of advice. He has discovered a blog and every Sunday, a cat will give some meowing advice! I reblogged it here and you can comment on her real post *here* to ask a question.

The Best Of Two Worlds

Hello! R here! (First, L says Meowing Advice is only open to cats and other pets. Sorry humans!)

Yes, yes. We know, R. Go away. My turn. Hello! L speaking! So we have gotten a question from Jinx, a cat like me

And it was commented by Megan, from

Yes, you are correct R. Here it is!

“Hi L. I don’t like people. They are really annoying and are always wanting to hold me!! Any suggestions? ~Jinx”

Hi Jinx! Before we start, I completely agree with you. Here are my suggestions:

  • It’s okay to not be a people person. It’s okay to not want to be petted. I only let my family pet me when I’m tired, and I end up loving it. 
  • Only be nice before they give you food.


Oops, you’re still there!? Anyway…

  • Play with them when you don’t want to be held. I think they just want…

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Make Some Bunny Cookies

Maybe I should rephrase that title. Make Some Cookies For Bunnies Much better! Now then. All you need to make these cookies are three ingredients; water, sugar, frozen bananas! Here is the recipe. What you need: 1 frozen banana 1/2 cup of pellet flour Water How to make the cookies: To make pellet flour get … Continue reading Make Some Bunny Cookies

Photo Shoot With Coffee Bean

I realized a few days ago that poor Coffee Bean has never been mentioned since way back in the beginning of September. He has grown up quite a bit and is now a close to full grown cat! Here is his well-deserved photo shoot. First I put him on Maggie’s dog house, but he didn’t … Continue reading Photo Shoot With Coffee Bean

Yoshi Switches Blogs

Hey There! We got another pet. What?! You're not surprised?? Well, I guess we do get new pets pretty often, but this guy is pretty special. 🙂 Anywho, Yoshi is the newest addition to the bunny family!  And of course, he must have a profile. I will probably update his profile picture later, because it's a … Continue reading Yoshi Switches Blogs

Bunny Family in Autumn

We took ALL the bunnies out on their leashes the other day and I took a bunch of photos. They will be from the oldest to the youngest rabbits. First up, Diamond! Then comes the beautiful prize-winning rabbit, Lily! Olaf will be next, and he has two special pictures at the top. Willow comes in all her … Continue reading Bunny Family in Autumn