Interview/Guest Post With Carmen

Yesterday Carmen suddenly decided that she wanted to write a guest post. I have recently read two interview posts that people did with their younger siblings (one is on a private blog, but the other is here) and I thought they were hilarious. So today I have an interview with Carmen for you to read. Continue reading “Interview/Guest Post With Carmen”

Interview With K.A: Gathering Cattle

KA Interview

Hello everyone!
Today I have an interview I did with K.A. about gathering cattle. 🙂 Enjoy!

**Every photo (including the one I used to make the poster) was taken by K.A.**

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Carmen’s Guest Post

YAY! Another Carmen Guest Post! Just so you know, Carmen is my little sister who sometimes does guest posts by telling me what to type. 😉 Enjoy!

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From Smelly Socks to Evolution — Post Swap With Hayley

Hello everyone!
Today I have for you a post that has a very interesting essay written by Hayley and posted on Loren’s blog, then re-blogged by me. Quite confusing, right? Right. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy it! 😀

let's be lost

Hi! Hayley and I have been working on a post swap for awhile now. The idea was that we would each write an essay, send it to the other girl, and then post the essay we received on our blog. Hayley’s essay is about spontaneous generation, while mine is about the colossal squid (read it HERE, on Flourishing by Restful Falls).

Like I said, Hayley’s essay is about spontaneous generation, a false scientific theory. And, to be honest, I had no idea what spontaneous generation was until I read this!

From Smelly Socks to Evolution

This week in science I’m working with Chemistry. And you know? It’s really hard.

So I can’t even imagine being smart enough to not alone understand these things

but to discover them! One really smart chemist, named Robert Boyle, said

scientists should “give glory to the one who authored nature.” Wouldn’t it be…

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Interview with AnonymousA



Today I have the guest post of AnonymousA. She won second in my giveaway and she decided on an interview! I came up with a bunch of questions, she chose ten of them, and we had a guest post. 😛 Continue reading “Interview with AnonymousA”

Dog Opinions (Collab with Clara)

Hello folks! Clara won my giveaway and she got to make a guest post! We came up with some topics for the dogs and then we asked them to write about the topics. XD (Okay.. in reality Clara did Maude’s and I did Maggie’s) We also did the cats, but I’ll save that for another time. 😀

Ladies first, you’ll have to wait, cats.

Presenting… Maude and Maggie! Two Yellow Labs!

Maude                                                                            Maggie


Maude’s opinions will be in pink and Maggie’s in purple.

Maggie: Hello! I am Maggie! I am a dog! I am cute! I am answering questions! This will make the humans happy!

 Maude:  Hi! I’m Maude! Today, I’m going to tell you about stuff. Then Clara is going to give me dog biscuits. I’m in it for the biscuits.

Let’s get started!

1. Being scratched behind the ears

Mmmm! This is very nice! I personally like being scratched on the stomach best, but this is fine if the humans don’t have time for a stomach scratch.

Ahh… I love when the humans do that! It feels so good…..

2. Puppies

I’ve never seen puppies. The owners say I might have them when I’m older, but not yet. So I don’t know what I think about them. They’d probably be cute!

I love all dogs, big and small! Bring on the puppies!

3. Outdoors or Indoors?

Well… I like indoors when it’s really cold, but other than that outdoors is the best. I don’t ever actually go inside, I just go in the basement.

Sadly, I have never been indoors, except when I go to the vet. I love the vet! So, I choose outdoors.

4. Humans


There are two types of humans: Shortones and Tallones. The Shortones pull my ears, but they are pretty fun to play with. The Tallones take me on walks, and they play fetch with me. Overall, I don’t mind the humans. The only thing that would make them better is if they would let me come in the house and chew up everything!

5. Cats


Grr. Cats are inferior. Dogs rule and cats drool!

6. Electric Fences

Ugh. I hate electric fences. Once I was just about to get a nice tasty duck egg at the pond when my tail touched the electric fence. Now I try to avoid the pond at all costs.

Nope. No. Nuh-uh. My opinion is that all electric fences should be fed to the vacuum cleaner.

7. Chewing

Ooh! Chewing! I love to chew! I love killing plastic bottles and then chewing them. I also chew dead chicken’s legs. They are good.

BRING ON THE CHEW TOYS! One time, I destroyed a $10 chew toy in less than a minute. That was a proud moment.

8. Fleas

Fleas are nasty. They bite you and then you itch. Sometimes I am having so much fun with humans and then one bites and I have to stop and gnaw at it. They are rude, filthy, and I hate them. The humans put some sort of water on my neck occasionally and then they don’t bite for a while, but when I got water all over my body the fleas weren’t any better!

Calling all dogs! Let’s wipe those little itchy bugs off the face of the earth! WHO’S WITH ME?

9. “Bad Dog”

I don’t like this. Sometimes the humans spank me after they say this. I try to always be a good dog, but sometimes the urge is to strong. Isn’t that sad?

What does that mean, anyway? The humans yell that when I do something absolutely adorable, like chase the cats or dig a hole. It must mean they love me!

All done! 😛 That was quite the post. XD

I made a word cloud from their post! 😀


I think the biggest words are the ones they used the most. 🙂

Thanks for reading! What was your favorite opinion?


It snowed yesterday. But now its 45 and the snow is all gone. Phew! 😛

Carmen’s Guest Post

Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Valentine’s day is about love. So that’s why we celebrate it. It’s special. I love Valentine’s Day because you get candy and it’s just fun! But I also like Christmas. That’s better but I like Valentines too. Continue reading “Carmen’s Guest Post”

Guest Post by Carmen #3

Carmen’s guest post is here! Enjoy! 😀

Here is what is special. Guess who my favorite blogger is, and then I’ll tell you. K.A is my favorite blogger! Lets go to a picture. Here’s a picture of my cake. Now look below.Carmen 022.JPG

If you’re wondering what that animal is, it’s a bunny! I chose it for my own. I like all of it except for it’s nose is maybe a little bit to big. My mom thinks she is bad at making cakes sometimes, but she really isn’t. I think she’s great. We have to clean our fish and crayfish tank every time it gets a lot of algae on because algae grows on it. Let me tell you a little story about the bunny.

There was a little bunny who lived in the woods. And that little bunny had a other bunny friend and ate other bunny friends. That bunny had a skunk friend too and a raccoon friend too and also a fawn one. And that little bunny it was time to leave its mother now because it had gotten older! 🙂 And the bunny had a very good life though when it was without its mom. The bunny was a brown bunny. And it always drinked water from the lake when it was thirsty and it always found apples near the apple tree. Soon, that bunny had a baby bunny to take care of. She named it Susan and Susan was a very good little bunny. And when Susan had her own little bunny, she named it Clara and Clara didn’t have any babies. If that little bunny Clara did not have babies, she would not be a mom she would be a lady bunny. One day, a beautiful humming bird flew by and Clara saw it flying backwards. She never knew a humming bird would fly backwards before. And she became old.  The End!! 🙂 🙂

Now will you see another picture? Carmen 026.JPG

This is my stuffed animal that I got from Hobby Lobby for my birthday. 🙂 Now can I move onto something else? I’m going to move on to my bunny! And I’m going to make a poem about her. Are you ready for it?

My bunny’s black, my bunny’s white speckled, do you know that it’s my bunny. 🙂 My bunny’s cute my bunny’s kind of cuddly, but my bunny’s always a little bit grumpy.

If you like my guest post, please give me a comment! And I forgot all about guest posts. I have some clay and one thing I made was this, it’s Bob and Larry! I’m going to show this to you.

Carmen 044.JPG

If you like it, I don’t. Very much at least. It doesn’t look like Bob and Larry very much. But I suppose it’s OK… but not the best. I also made a bunny set but I can’t show it because I gave it to someone at their birthday. And I also gave a clay cat to my grandma for her birthday. And I think it’s going to be close to the end right now. But I’m going to talk about a few more things about my friends. One of my friends is named Katie and one of them is named Katherine. And my cousin is named Annaliese and I really like her!!! The End.

This is Carmen’s coloring page for the coloring contest we are doing.

Carmen 041.JPG

This is mine. 🙂

Megan (inchworm, coloring page,) 155.JPG




Carmen’s Birthday Guest Post

So here’s a picture to start with. Take a look.


You already looked at this picture, so I’m going to move on to my bunny again. My bunny is black, my bunny is white speckled, and my bunny is grumpy. If you know this, for my birthday, I got a pillow that you can make and it’s really fun. I’m working on it right just now and I’m excited to get it done! And there’s little cloths to make on my pillow. Pink, white, dark purple, and light purple. It’s really fun to make it, as I told you. And you stick this little thing that’s not sharp at all in it and there’s little numbers that you can put the little cloths in. And the purple is actually sparkly light purple and sparkly dark purple. I just put the eye on the pillow. And I just sticked the cloth in. I’m almost done with a spot of an eye. Now, can I show you one more picture? And this is the picture of my pillow.


Does it look like I told you? I bet kind of not. And I’m doing it while I’m telling Megan to spell the words for me since I can’t read. But for my birthday I got a watch and some clay. Like you can make things with! Like Allison’s Etsy shop! If I’ll get my pillow done today, I will be excited! It’s a kitty-cat pillow! I’m almost done with my pillow, actually. I just put a white cloth on, and as you can see in the picture, they wrinkle up. My grandma gave me my birthday card but I’m not going to tell you when my birthday is because that is cheating.(hehe! Not sure what she means by this.. :P) I’m ALMOST DONE! Seriously! We have one cat and it’s named Jinx. If you know this, can I show you a picture?


And I have enough white cloths to make the pillow. Cause there’s like hundred of cloths. And actually my mom said I could tell when my birthday is. AND IT IS TODAY! And here’s the date of it January 18. I’m just about done with this pillow I have about, like, ten more numbers. And it doesn’t take you very long to do the numbers. I just have the mouth part and a little bit of the head part. My sticker thingy just sticked to the pillow.  And seriously, I know I telled you a lot, but seriously, I am ALMOST done. And this is going to end right just now. Bye! See you later!


Guest Post by Carmen

My little sister Carmen is going to do a guest post! I wrote down exactly what she told me to say, even some of the punctuation and smiley faces. She took all the pictures.  The title is… Continue reading “Guest Post by Carmen”

Guest Post: A New Piece Of Equipment on the Farm! 🚙

By Logan

About a month ago, Dad bought a new combine harvester, and it just arrived Saturday. It came from Jamestown, North Dakota. It was to big too fit on the trailer without taking off the wheels, so it arrived without the wheels on. They had to jack it up on the trailer, and it took from 5:25 to 8:55pm to get it off the trailer!!

DSCN0113[1] DSCN0111[1]


       It’s a Cat Lexion 480, and it is around twice the size of our old combine, not to mention 15 years newer! It can hold 280 bushels of grain in the bin, vs. 180 on our other one, and has 360 horsepower vs. around 175 horsepower on the old one. This picture is the best one Megan could get Saturday night when they got it off

Megan 5-07-14 115

( Our old one was a 1985 Massey Ferguson 860).


When Dad got it parked in the shed, we got some good pictures of it, and from the one picture, you can get an idea of how big it is from me beside it. The cab is also a BIG improvement from the other one, and it even has a buddy seat! Dad thinks he can adapt the old corn header to fit it, but since our small grain header was about shot, Dad bought a used 25′ one out of (I think) Kansas.

Megan 5-07-14 190Megan 5-07-14 185



So Long! Logan.