Donut Making

A few weeks ago we made donuts on a snow day we had. We haven't made donuts in years, and although it took a while, it was lots of fun. I like the more doughnut-y doughnuts. The ones that you can chew, not the ones  the dissolve in your mouth like the Krispy Kreme doughnuts do. The doughnuts … Continue reading Donut Making


First Decorated Cake Ever

Hello guys, how are you doing this evening? That's great. Ahem! I made a cake today! But... it was out of a box. My first box cake, actually. Well, it wasn't from scratch, but I wanted to make it quick so I could spend more time decorating it. 🙂 I found this really cool tutorial … Continue reading First Decorated Cake Ever

How to Make an Easy DIY Background + How to Make Hot Cocoa Mix!

That is a rather long title, don't you think? Maybe you have made a post about how to make a craft before.  Isn't it sometimes annoying if there is lots of distracting stuff in the background? Look at this picture:   Read on you can find out an easy solution to this problem! Using this … Continue reading How to Make an Easy DIY Background + How to Make Hot Cocoa Mix!

Brownie Stand

The brownie stand is a fun little shop we have been doing in our spare time. Hope you enjoy!