BIBPC the Fifth

FEATURED IMAGE MADE BY CHARIS. Here is my semi-celebratory blog post for 1,000 followers. Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest is back! (Ugh, I really wish I had named it something else but I don't want to change everything now. BIBPC it shall have to be.) What is BIBPC? BIBPC (Boring Into Beautiful Photography Challenge/Contest) is … Continue reading BIBPC the Fifth

Art Lab Episode 20 {Wuzzing Contest}

What is a Wuzzing, you ask? Well, that’s exactly what we want to know! The Art Lab is hosting it’s very first art contest, and anyone can enter! All you have to do is create a mythical creature called the Wuzzing. You may use any art supplies: colored pencils, clay, papier-mâché, you name it! Then … Continue reading Art Lab Episode 20 {Wuzzing Contest}

Through Your Eyes Photography Contest Entry 1

Hey guys! Today I have my entry for challenge one of Reya's photography contest. 🙂 The first category is Warm Beverage. I couldn't find my camera whenever I made a warm beverage, so I had to get this one to turn in before it was too late. XD Oh well! I hope it works, Reya! … Continue reading Through Your Eyes Photography Contest Entry 1

The Bloggy Awards at In Dollywood I'm sure Kayla would be so happy if you voted on this.

The 30 Song Challenge

Hey guys! I saw Kellyn did this over at Reveries, so I decided I'd try it. 🙂 Now this is extremely long, so if you have no interest in what my music tastes are, I won't press you to read this post. 🙂 You may find it interesting though.  Moving on. Here we goooo! 1) … Continue reading The 30 Song Challenge

June’s Greatest Memories {Ranch Life’s Monthly Challenge #1}

 June was awesome. It was the first of summer vacation, a month where we got to go to our neighbor’s pool whenever, and the month where we had our first campfire of the summer. In one of the first weeks in June, we went to a river with some friends. The river was extremely cold, … Continue reading June’s Greatest Memories {Ranch Life’s Monthly Challenge #1}

The Last of Q & A // Photography Prompt

Hi there! I actually only have a few more questions from my two year blogiversary Q&A, so I thought I'd throw in a photography prompt. But first, the last of the Q&A. Heather's Questions: 1. Do you believe in unicorns? No. 😛 They'd be cool though! 2. Have you ever heard of a Gollan? What do … Continue reading The Last of Q & A // Photography Prompt

Describe Me Challenge

Hello everyone! I wasn't personally nominated for this challenge, but Lily said anyone could do it, so here I am! :PChoose one song that describes your music taste I'd say one of Tobymac's songs from his album This is Not a Test. Maybe the song Beyond Me. Choose one outfit that describes your fashion tastes … Continue reading Describe Me Challenge