Caesar and BoBo – 3 Weeks Later (or Four)

Yay!  This and the Yo-Yon flower had the most votes on my poll, and since I don't really have time for a huge long post like that right now, I decided to do this!  And yes, I did take  more than two pictures this time. Alright.  So, first the news. SNIFF!!!!! No they didn't die, but … Continue reading Caesar and BoBo – 3 Weeks Later (or Four)

Another Kitten Duo

Yeah, I know, first Caesar and BoBo and now these? But according to the likes, Caesar and BoBo was a pretty popular post, and these kittens are extremely cute. But first I need to tell you their names.  There is a boy and a girl. The girl is Joy and the boy is Coffee Bean. … Continue reading Another Kitten Duo

Caesar and BoBo

Some of you that read this are probably thinking "Wha?" While others, (looks at Loren and Allison and winks) know what I am talking about. I think.  Anywho, Caesar and BoBo are two very cute kittens that we found about a month ago.  They are from the same mother as Sophie.  I call them the 'Rabbit breed' … Continue reading Caesar and BoBo

6 Places I (Jinx) Have Slept In

*This is told as if Jinx himself was telling it* Hello fans!  Wait a sec, MEGAN!  Uggh! It is SO annoying when Megan types in MY post.  I mean, everybody can tell that my posts are WAY better than hers.  Like, she posts about MAGGIE!  Isn't that so sad? What is this world coming to?  Anymeow, … Continue reading 6 Places I (Jinx) Have Slept In