Name That Flower and Caption It Results

Hello everyone! I'm here with the results of this post. 🙂 So, first I'll show you the flowers and their names. Peony! Star of Bethlehem! Lady's Slipper! Eastern Redbud! And the winner? The winner is... * * * * * * BELLA! From Book Sweet. 😀 Congratulations Bella, you got every single one right! And … Continue reading Name That Flower and Caption It Results

Random Photos and a Caption It!

Howdeedoo?! First off, I’m going to show you my random photos.  Here is a black snake that I saw crawling through a roll of wire. And then here is a picture of me driving the mower, or rather, a picture of the steering wheel of the mower. And here is the tasty mint ice cream … Continue reading Random Photos and a Caption It!

Pet Photo Contest and Other Such Things

Howdeedoo! I'm going to do a Pet Photo Contest.  The rules are very simple. Take a photo of your pet.  It has to be taken by you. Not by your sister or anything like that. Post the picture on your blog.  Your post should look kind of like this: Megan at Dandelions and Daisies is doing a pet … Continue reading Pet Photo Contest and Other Such Things

Caption It!~3-19

Here’s a Caption It for you.  For those of you who don’t know how to do it, simply write a caption in the comments, and I will pick the winner some time this month.  There is no prize, its just for fun.  But if you have a button for your blog I will put it … Continue reading Caption It!~3-19

Caption It! Winners

Yes, that's right there are winners. They are......... 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 Abigail:  "This is my territory! Don't you dare come near it!" And Rebakah @  American Girl Guide: ” IT'S MINE!!!!!! The bed is all mine!!!!!!!!" I liked them all but I decided these two were the best. This … Continue reading Caption It! Winners

The winner of Caption It! is..... ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ LYDIA! Her Caption was, “Suspicious…very suspicious…let me hid behind this leaf a little longer and I’ll find out who’s stealing my food!” ☺ I will do another one soon, so stick around! Megan

Caption It! & Pictures

Howdy! I wanted to do a little contest.  I will show you guys the picture, and in the comments you can caption it.  I will pick the winner on Valentines week.  My picture is of Honey Bunny.   Here are some bonus pictures!