The Diary of Clementine

Entry One

Hi.  I’m Clementine.  And you are my diary.  That sounds silly, let me cross it out.

Dear Diary,

Hello there!

This first entry is mostly about my living quarters and my fellow bunnies living with me.

There are three bunnies that share this part of the big rabbit cage.  The whole rabbit cage is divided into three parts: the babies cage, the doe’s cage and the cage where Olaf lives.

The three bunnies in my part of the cage are Diamond,

She looks so grumpy.



And Willow.


Oh! Here is Olaf, our next-door neighbor.


Diamond is not nice to me.  She bites me if I get close to her and is always glaring at me.  Willow says it’s because she is territorial.  I think she is just jealous. The humans put her in a cage inside the pen where she stays most of the time.  Willow says they will let her out when she gets used to me.

Lily is doing better than she was.  I think sometimes Diamond convinces her that I am bad, and then she bites me.  But lately she isn’t so touchy and she has been allowing me to cuddle with her a little bit.

Willow is so nice!  She is always friendly and even Diamond likes her.  Willow tells me things I have to learn about my new home, and she is so nice!  I love to cuddle with her!  She is about the same age as me and belongs to Allison.  I don’t know how much bigger she is than me because she is so fluffy!  I love her.  She is my best friend.  The humans call her cute, but I think she is the most beautiful bunny there ever was. Her fur is so pretty when the humans brush it and it droops down.  She says the fluff can be a nuisance sometimes.  I don’t think it would be!   It would keep me so warm in winter.

I haven’t seen Olaf much.  Once His owner, Jeff, held him in our cage but otherwise I just hear what he does by listening to him through the wall that separates his cage from ours. Lots of times I hear him chuckle, say something about being late, and then chuckle again.  Willow says this is because he thinks his great-great grandfather’s aunt’s niece’s grandfather’s mother’s husband was the White Rabbit that was in the story Alice in Wonderland. Nobody believes this except maybe Coffee Bean, the kitten that is sometimes in Olaf’s cage.  I am kind of scared of him because he has bright pink eyes.  Diamond makes fun of me when I say that and calls me a ‘fraidy-rabbit.  But Willow is always there to glare at her.

Coffee Bean is a medium sized kitten, but very fluffy.  He is always biting a piece of string or chasing me or another bunny.   He’s okay, I guess.  I don’t like it when he pretends to eat my ears though, it’s kind of scary.  But Willow says he is only playing, and I guess maybe she is right. He also has one eye that looks all cloudy and blueish. I don’t think he can even see out of it.

I still think about my old home a lot. My sister, Bob*, played with me almost every day and always licked between my ears, the place I can’t clean myself.  Now Willow does that.  She is almost as good as Bob because Bob had a quick temper and would sometimes nip me if I fussed too loud.  But I do miss her.


When I first arrived Willow thought I was strange and whispered to Lily that I was one of those funky bunnies with the droopy ears, the kind she had seen somewhere or other when her owner had taken her to visit another rabbit.  I was astonished to see these strange rabbits that had ears sticking straight up! Bob had told me there was such a thing, but I didn’t believe her. Now I do!


Our pen is very roomy.  It used to be a pen for calves, but the Dad human put wire around it so barn cats couldn’t get in.

There is also a creature outside that sometimes looks in on us.  Willow is very frightened by her and Diamond is positively terrified.  I am extremely scared too.  Just today a little human was opening the door and the creature ( Willow says her name is Maggie) leaped inside and got me in her mouth!  I was so, so, so, SO scared! I screamed, which is what bunnies do if they get hurt.  Then the Megan human came out and got Maggie to let go of me.  All the other humans were very mad and kept yelling, “NO!” at her.  I hope she never gets me again.   Thankfully I think she only made my left hind paw bleed a little bit.

After that Megan took me inside and held me while she did school.  That was pretty fun.  At first I was so scared from what had just happened that I could hardly move.  But then she put me under a little spot in the computer desk and I took a little nap down there.

DSCN0746[1] DSCN0748[1]

Once Diamond was outside with the Allison human when Maggie came and grabbed her.  She carried her off into a field until the humans finally got her to drop Diamond.  That would have been so scary!

Humans are pretty nice. They feed you and pet you.  When I first came here hardly anyone had held me before and so I was very scared when ever someone held me.  But now I am learning to get used to it.

059Winter is coming soon.  Willow and I have never been in winter.  Diamond has lived through a whole winter and Lily was born in February so they know they can survive through winter.  What if I can’t!?  What if Willow’s fur gets frosted and it all falls out!?

I guess I’m gonna have to wait and see.



*Finally, about Bob’s name.  My mother was not the most intelligent of bunnies, and she had already picked out our names before we were born.  Of course, it didn’t occur to her that we would possibly be girls.  She named me Howard.  I was actually the runt.  Lily says she was the runt. I barely survived but my other owner finally got me through and here I am!

Entry Two

Hey all those who read my diary! It is I, Clementine!

I haven’t done an entry in awhile, so this will be shortened versions of two things that happened.

Almost a month ago, Megan took me on a very long walk and I invented the Lop Lap!

Here is a drawing of how to do a Lop Lap. The gray is where you hop, and then the black is where your human must carry you. The blue is water and the red is where you start.

A Lop LapI started in a leaf pile. I don’t like leaf piles. Whenever you move there is a huge crackling sound and it is frightening and loud.


Then I hopped out and went around the house towards our pens. When I got to the three pine trees before the garden which is before our pens, I stopped and waited for Megan to take pictures of me.  She gets impatient easily so I tried to teach her to wait while I sniffed pine and wood smoke, looked at the garden, felt the grass and dirt, tasted a clover leaf, and heard the birds chirp.

131 Next I hopped as fast as I could into a field and stopped again.


Then I hopped over to a big bank and cleaned myself.

123I got tired now and decided to take a long rest. Well, at least Megan thought it was long, because she became impatient and carried me down to their ‘creek’.  I posed, looked cute, and nibbled while she took some photos of me.


Next came the tricky part.  Megan thought I accidently jumped into the ‘creek’, but I actually meant to. Why? Because I am very adventurous! When I jumped she quickly got me out and hugged me.  Ha ha. Have you ever hugged a wet bunny? If not, then be happy. It is not the most fun ever.


Anyway, she held me out in front of her (so she wouldn’t get soaked) and went back to the rabbit cage where I went and snuggled against Lily while Willow licked me.

And then the other thing of interest, is what happened on the 25th of October. Jeff and Megan were playing with us and they decided to switch the bunny pens! They put Olaf in ours and us does in Olaf’s pen. It was fun to sniff out the new sights- er, smells and find good snuggling corners. Olaf didn’t appreciate the change and muttered about his old cage being over run by suspicious does.  Well! If you ask me, he seems a whole bunch more suspicious then us! Oh well. Some bunnies are just mixed up. Here are the pens looking like they look now.


After the switching of cages Megan did a photo shoot with every bunny and you can see our pictures in her post HERE. I only got three pictures! 😦 Although I guess it’s alright since I do get the most attention.  Although Willow gets basically as much attention!

Oh well.  Life isn’t fair, according to Diamond.  By the way, she doesn’t bite me anymore!

The humans have been taking us inside a lot. It is really fun to explore all their stuff! This is a GIF of me sniffing Megan’s camera. : ) I am so cute!

Thanks for reading!


Entry Three

I’m back! Megan had two so-called important posts that had to be posted before mine, so my entry is two days late. 😦

First I’ll go over news for each bunny.

Yoshi came to live with us! He is very handsome, don’t you think?

Megan (New Camera) 024 (1024x768)

And then Olaf ‘became’ a girl and moved in with us. Diamond and Lily hated her and kept biting her. Even Willow bit him once or twice! I was the only one who didn’t. It’s probably because I remember how mean territorial bunnies can get. Everybody’s fine now though, the fur has stopped flying.

Megan (New Camera) 023 (1024x768)

Willow keeps jumping over the wall that divides the cages. Thankfully there isn’t anything on the other side, just a bag of bunny food.

Megan (New Camera) 014 (1024x768)

Lily has a new nickname: A Plus-Sized Model. That’s what Allison calls her. Megan sometimes calls her a squishy teddy bear.

Megan (New Camera) 027 (1024x768)

Here is Diamond, the queen of the grumps. Not much news about her, just grumpiness. Okay, I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on her, she does make a nice cuddler. 😀

Megan (New Camera) 011 (1024x768)

Now for a piece of bigger news. On Sunday we bunnies posed for a Christmas card. Under the humans tree. On top of gifts. It was kinda scary, but I did wonderful! I bet that’s not surprising, right? Megan says she’ll do the card later, but here is a solo of me.

Megan (Christmas tree, sunset) 080

The biggest bit of news is too much for you. Well, I guess I can try. YIKES! This is hard!

In one month I will… No! I can’t do it! Okay, Lets try again.

In about thirty days I will be a…





There. I said it. Now I have to keep myself from backspacing it all.

Gah! They are gonna be so cute! Yoshi is going to be the dad. I wonder what colors they will be?

I’m too excited to say anything else, so I better wrap this up now!

Yours trulyish,


Megan (Christmas tree, sunset) 068

Woah. That’s embarrassing! TAKE IT OFF MEGAN!

Part Four

Long time no words, eh? Well I’m back now, and I’m sure you are terribly glad! Of course you are. If you haven’t read my other entries Megan has them all on a page right HERE. You can click on that word and it will take you there. Strange. :/

Anyway, lets start like I did last time. Here are some updates on each of my fellow things  rabbits. 😀



Eh. Same ol’, same ol’. Boring. Aggravating. Grunty! Oh, here’s a ‘fun’ fact: Her birthday is on May 28th.

Onto Lily!


Lily has grown… a lot. She is very squishy, though. See that double chin thingy? Its actually called a dewlap (you humans wouldn’t understand) and it has grown too. She is very huggable, don’t you think? Also, her birthday is tomorrow, the 11th of February! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY! Actually, they don’t know if that’s her exact birthday, but they are pretty sure she was born in February! She will be one year old.

Enough about Lily or she’ll think I like her!



Oh, whoops!


There. Olaf is just as funny looking as always! She is a nice valentine rabbit with all her pink, don’t you think? >:) (Haha! I am a poet!) Oh, her birthday is on April Fools day! Perfect for her! 😛

And last and least of all, Willow. Her owner is going to be mad at me for calling her least. Heh. Heh.


Megan doesn’t have a very good picture of her, I’m afraid. But at least you can see her fluffiness! 😛

Willow has also been annoying. She doesn’t like me anymore. She’ll clean me some and then she’ll bite! Isn’t that just awful? I know. 😥 She has also been jumping over walls to get to other pens. Tsk tsk.



Now that we’ve got all the boring stuff done with, lets move onto ME!

DSCN1766.JPGOh my goodness! You can only see my blurry head, but I’m sure you’re already shrieking from seeing extreme cuteness. DSCN1151.JPG

Bad Megan! How could you have made such a cute picture of me bad quality!? But nothing is too bad quality when I’m in it, of course. 🐱

I’ll let you calm down while I talk, then we’ll have some more photos.

So first of all, I wasn’t a mother. 😦 But I might be later on when it’s warmer! Maybe in March or April or something!
Next, nobody likes me. o_O I know, that seems pretty impossible, but remember how territorial the does were when I first came here? Well, when they thought I was going to be a mother they moved me into a different cage and then later they moved me back. The does are very mean to me, but I learned to keep my distance.

Megan doesn’t have a picture of our cage, so I made a drawing… but Megan couldn’t understand it so she didn’t put it on here! I even added words incase someone wouldn’t be able to understand, but I don’t see how she couldn’t, because a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Here is the thousand words it would take to describe me, just in a very tiny font.


Yup! That’s exactly 1,000 words. 🙂 Also, WordPress needs bunny smiley faces, doesn’t it? But this computer does have two rabbit thingys on: 🐇🐰

I know! They aren’t very good. 😦 But any way, onto more important stuff!

Jinx, the cat, has visited the bunny pen twice I think. Olaf likes him.

DSCN1058 (1024x768).jpg

Megan’s bunny photography skills aren’t very sharp, are they? 🐰 < = that’s an annoyed bunny.

We have also learned a talent! A few days ago our water bottles fell down and we the other rabbits were so nervous we they chewed a hole in the water bottles! Of course they didn’t work after that, so Megan had to give us water in a bowl! We had had water in a bowl before, but Lily always stepped in it so we never really got to drink it. 🐇 (That’s a sad/mad bunny) But she was so thirsty she didn’t step in it! Of course I had to have my own private bowl because the other rabbits wouldn’t let me share theirs. bunny emoji.png (You can’t really see it, but that was Megan’s failed attempt at drawing a mad bunny)

Well. I don’t think there is much more to be said, so I’ll stop with 1,745 words, counting the one thousand words that described me, of course. 🙂 Goodbye, you humans that adore me! Goodbye.

I’m sorry for Clemmie’s rudeness, I think she got a little carried away. :/ XD

By the way, Nicole is going to make a collab blog! Read the details here, if you are interested. 🙂

Goodbye, farewell, and all that other stuff.

I’m late, aren’t I? Well, better never than late! Wait a sec… eh. Oh well.

February was pretty exciting, and March is too, at least so far.

DSCN3163 (1280x960)

I guess Megan already told about our Bunny Day… if you would like to read her boring writing you may go here and read it. RIGHT HERE ON THESE WORDS THAT ARE BIG, CLICK ON THESE, OKAY? There. That’s done.

Megan (Daffodils, guitar, bunnies, trail, bubble) 022

Diamond and Olaf (not me😦 ) had a picnic. It was a weird picnic though, they didn’t eat anything. But the humans did. You can see Megan’s plate with a spoon (she didn’t even need it…) and chips.

DSCN2385 (1280x960)

Megan said I could put my drawing on! That’s the bunny cage. I could write what the things are, but I’m sure you understand it as it is.


This is me eating food. Lily is eyeing it in the background. She was on a diet, but the human who feeds us this month (they take turns) doesn’t want to do it anymore. I think the human’s name is Deaf, but it might be Jeff.


(BAD PICTURE ALERT) When it’s warm we sometimes get carried off by the humans to outside. Diamond is being carried off by the Carmen-human.

Megan (Daffodils, guitar, bunnies, trail, bubble) 030 (1280x960)

The humans sometimes give us baths. No doubt you have heard of these things before. THEY ARE HORRID. Diamond is escaping quite majestically in the photo above. Just kidding. But I, on the other hand, would have escaped really gracefully if the humans had let me. Humph.

Megan (Daffodils, guitar, bunnies, trail, bubble) 033 (1280x960)

Wow… Lily looks almost half as cute as me! How stunning!

Megan (Daffodils, guitar, bunnies, trail, bubble) 180.JPG


The humans (for a reason quite unknown to us) thought that we smelled a bit like soiled straw. Yesterday they filled the wheel barrow up again and took me, Olaf, and Diamond a bath. Humph. (Yes, ‘me, Olaf, and Diamond’ isn’t grammatically correct, but I deserve to be first.)

This is me. The first picture is when the just got me out and then it goes on to where I’m almost back to normal. By the way, I can swim! Truly, I can. I look a tad bit odd… but not really, of course.

Megan got a few photos of Lily and Olaf in the flower bed, but me? Ha! No siree, I wasn’t going to look like an Easter bunny.

I think that’s the big things that have been happening so far.

Farewell, whoever you are.



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  1. Hehe! 😛 I like the sad/mad thing on the end! XD Just like on Home! With ‘Oh’!!! XD

    “You are sad/mad” Says Oh!
    XD Hehe! 😛 🙂 I really like this series! Keep up the good work Megan-I mean, Clem! 😛 🙂


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