“Wanting a McDonald’s is absolutely not a medical emergency.” She said to me.

I sighed. “But I’m starving! I might die! And that can be fixed if I could get something at McDonald’s, right?” I asked her.

She looked at me with a smirk on her face. “You’re not going anywhere. I told you to stay unless there was some sort of medical emergency, and this is not one.”

At that very moment the mayor walked through the door. At least that’s who I thought he was, but he was dressed in rags and looked very weary.

My captor turned to the man. “Mr. Tatenhock!” she cried, “do you need any help sir?”

The man just looked at her, clearly confused. “What a wonderful town.” He finally says, “in all the other ones I’m treated like a homeless person, not like the mayor.”

“But sir,” she says, laughing weakly, “you are the mayor, aren’t you?”


And then five minutes was up. 😛 That’s all I got done! I hope you like it, AA!

FWWC Challenge 4

Everyone was hurrying and scurrying around the mall. I sat down on a bench to wait for my eighteen year old sister to finish buying ‘the cutest earrings ev-ver’. As I looked around I saw a pizza place straight ahead. My stomach growled. I opened my wallet and took out a ten dollar bill, figuring I’d buy lunch for my sister and me. I headed to the counter and looked up at then menu.


I gasped. Twenty dollars for a mini pizza? The price was much higher than I had prepared for, I was unsure how to proceed.

Finally a casually slipped away, avoiding the glance of the teenager sitting at the counter. He was wearing a party hat, for some reason.

“Wait, missy! You get to have your pizza delivered, no extra charge.” The boy looked at me hopefully.

“And why would I want to pay twenty dollars for a mini pizza when I can pay fifteen dollars for a jumbo one at the pizza parlor across the street?” I asked.

“Because I want money?” He jokingly suggested.

“It takes a very broken and twisted soul to do what you are doing.” I joked back.

“You’re too kind! Thank you so much for noticing.” He grinned. And then suddenly the pizza delivery boy, became a pizza delivery man.



I gasped in surprise. The teenager had grown another foot and had grown a moustache in 4.5 seconds. It was impossible!

I think I’ll continue this next time. 😀 I used the bonus point thing (the guy wearing a party hat) and two prompts. 😀



27 thoughts on “FFWC Entries

  1. Nice! 🙂 😀 I never heard about the challenge, but didn’t really have time anyway! 😉 Maybe after it’s over I’ll use some prompts from it or something… 😉 😀


      1. 😀 Megan, My friend! Would you like to chat once more, my dearest…buddy! 😛 xD Sorry, i’m…being very odd…don’t ask why. (I know what you’re going to say..)


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