Making a Button for Your Blog

This tutorial will tell you both what they are, and how to make them.

Buttons are just little pictures that say you blog name.  People can ‘grab your button’ and put it on their blog so other people can find your blog. And you can do the same with their buttons!

And now how to make them. First, here is what a button might look like:


See? You can use a free photo editer, any one really, and design a button like that! I am going to show you how to make one using PicMonkey.

  • Go to PicMonkey’s site HERE.
  • Click on the word ‘Design’.


  • Choose your canvas size.


  • Next, color the canvas using the ‘Canvas Color’ thingymabop.


  • When you have colored your canvas, chose your text by clicking on the ‘Tt’ icon.


  • Write your blog name on the canvas.


  • Adjust the size and color until it is just right. 😀


  • Next, click on the butterfly icon. This should take you to overlays.


  • Chose the overlays you want and move them where you want(Note: you will see that somethings have crowns, this means that you can only use them if you pay money).


  • Click ‘Save’ up at the top and then click save to my computer. Ta-da!


Now you need to know how to get it on your blog.

  • Create a new page. Title it ‘Buttons’ or something like that.
  • Put your blog button on (just add media and go find the button).
  • Up at the top you can say something like, “Here is my button! Do you want to swap?”
A button swap is where you go to someone’s blog (someone who has a button, that is) and ask them if they want to swap buttons. Then you take their button and put it on your blog, and they will take yours to put it on their blog.  Here is how to add someone else’s button (Wow! this is getting very involved! :P)
  • Find the person’s button and copy it.
  • Go to your button page and write below your button something like ‘Other people’s buttons’, and paste the button on there.
  • Then edit the image and click ‘Link To’
UPDATE! With WordPress’s new editor you have to click on the image and then click the little link icon up at the to. From there you can add the custom URL.


  • Click the little arrow, click the words ‘Custom URL’, and paste the URL of that person’s blog! Done and done!


I hope this helps! If you have any questions, ask me in the comments!