**NOTE: Because of internet issues, it may take me several weeks to complete your blog design. I’m still willing to do it, but that’s just a heads up so you know what to expect.**

If would like me to design your blog or a button or another graphic thing, please contact me using the contact form. Please include as much information as you can! What kind of background do you like? What theme? What’s your favorite color/what colors would you like for your blog?

I can design your whole blog, (header, button, sidebar graphics, finding you a theme, blog icon, fonts, colors, and other stuff you’d like) make you a header, button, signoff, or whatever else you’d like. However, I only design WordPress blogs. If you have a Weebly blog, Blogger blog, or some other type of blog, I can most likely design a header, button, or signoff for you, but I can’t design your whole blog. 

My blog designing is free! (It’s possible that I might make a business out of it someday, but for now there’s no cost involved. :))

{See my work HERE.}



166 thoughts on “Barefoot Gal Blog Design

    1. Well, when I’ve made all the buttons and stuff you can add me as an administrator to your site so I can put the whole design on. Before I do that, though, I can make an example site with what your finished design will look like, so you can see a more realistic example.

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      1. I wanted to say that when I started the blog, I had the newsest post at the bottom and the oldest at the top, I don’t really like it that way but I didn’t know how to change it (newest post at the top). Just wanted to let you know.


  1. hey, megan 🙂 i’m really interested in this. i was wondering what contact form you were talking about? is there a separate place for this or do i just put everything in the comments?




  2. Wow, your blog designs look amazing! I have one blog already, but I’m thinking of starting another. I’m thinking of using scratchpad as my theme and I’m in the works of doing the basic contact, posts, pages etc. One thing I would really like some help with is my sidebar. I’ve tried to figure out how to do all the cute bio info, and selected posts, and all that, but I’m not getting it. Also I have tried (in vain) to make a button for my blog.
    I don’t know if you have any openings right now, but I would love your assistance with my new blog ( which I’m hoping to take public in a month or so). I’m using the free wordpress plan, and I don’t know if that would cause any issues, but…
    I REALLY would love to have you come work on my blog!


      1. Okay, I’ll do that!
        Hmm… well, you’d have to change your theme for this, but I think it might look nice to have the sidebar all one color, like all white? And If you want, you can make titles for your widgets on a graphic design website (if you’d like to do that I can give your more info on that). Umm… That’s what I can think of right off!


      2. Oh, I wasn’t saying you had to change your theme! I think if you like it then you should keep it. 🙂 But if you did want to change your theme, then some of the themes I use are Toujours, penscratch, Radcliffe 2, Nucleare, and sketch. Hope that helped!


  3. Hi Megan, first off, let me just say, your blog is amazing!!!! It’s totally fine if you aren’t able to now, but could we talk about designing my blog when/if you get the time? I’m new to blogging and I could really use help with the design. You don’t have to do it right now, and please don’t feel like you need to. Just let me know whenever you aren’t busy. God Bless!


    1. Hello! Thank you so much!
      Oh, I would love to help you with blog design! It has been a quite a while since you left this comment though, so if you don’t want blog design help anymore I definitely understand. 😀
      I do have fairly limited wi-fi right now, so there will only be one or two days a week I can work on a lot of it, but I could also do some things in photoshop and such without wifi. So if you a) still want me to help you with design and b) don’t mind if it would be a couple weeks, I’d be thrilled to design your blog! 🙂


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