Profile Picture:


Name: Maggie

Gender: Female

Birthdate: July 10th

Date adopted: October 26th I do believe.

Nicknames: Maggerdoodle, Pooch, Cutie, Pups, Dogarule, the names go on and on.

Age when bought: About three and a half months.

Breed: Yellow Lab

Color: Yellowish I guess. 😉

Personality: She is a very sweet puppy towards humans, but not so much towards smaller animals. She is especially jealous of the rabbits. She loves giving kisses and is always up for a belly rub.


16 thoughts on “Maggie (Dog)

  1. HOW DO YOU GET SUCH GOOD PICTURES!?!?!? Aggie is SO camera shy and won’t let me take a good picture of her!! That’s amazing. :/ 😦 Hmph! *Goes to pout* XD hehe! Just kidding! 😛 😛 🙂 XD XP


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