Dear Beany, Carmen just told me that you died. Today is the 1st of Janurary. Why Beany? We loved you. You know that. You were always sucha lovable cat, with all your fluff. Why Beany? WHY? It doesn’t make since. We raised you and your sister since your mother died when you were only about two weeks old. Then your sister died and you were the only one left. Now your gone. Beany, you should have left us a kitten. Please Beany, please come back. πŸ˜₯


Profile Picture:


Name: Coffee Bean

Gender: We think female

Birthdate: Around the middle of June

Date Adopted: Around the end of June

Nicknames: Beanie, Beanie Weanie, Bean.

Age when bought: We didn’t buy him, we found him when he was probably about two weeks old.

Breed: Barn Cat

Color: Charcoal -brown

Personality: Bean loves to be held and goes limp in your arms when you pick him up.Β  He loves to be outside.


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