A Wednesday in the Life of That Person Over There (Just Kidding – it’s Me!)

—- Haha whoops I meant to schedule this post but accidentally clicked publish… ah well, hopefully y’all don’t mind two posts in one day! ๐Ÿ™‚ —-

Hey everyone!

Hehe how’s that for a “day in the life” title? I couldn’t find any synonyms for normal that started with “w” so I just went with that up there rather than alliteration.

But anyway! Today you’ll be able to see what the exhilarating life of me looks like. At least on this particular Wednesday, which was two Wednesdays ago (the 29th). Shall we begin?

To start with, I wake up. A good way to start the day, to be sure. Sorry, but I have no pictures of my out of control hair. You’ll have to manage without.

As I was saying, I wake up and usually do that around 7:30. Then I either go back to sleep or get dressed and start on some odds and ends, such as packaging up an Etsy order or working on a letter. I forget what I did this day.

At 8:00ish breakfast will be ready and we all go downstairs and eat breakfast, have devotions, and go outside for our daily P.E. which consists of running or walking a mile. There are a couple routes to take, and today I chose the Cedar-House-and-back mile.

1 (1280x853)

ft. lovely cheerful-color fingerless gloves from my pen pal!

After I’m completely awake and freezing, it’s time to start school. I start with reading. Currently, but only for the next week or so, I’m doing British Literature. I’m actually working on graduating early so I’m taking my reading one subject at a time (first British Literature and then Government and Economics) and quadrupling up on it. So since I’m doing one subject at a time rather than two, I’m basically just doubling up on my overall schoolwork.

2 (1280x853)
my book, quote journal, study guide, phone with audiobook, and speaker.

It’s quite handy because a lot of my literature is in the public domain which means you can listen to it for free on librivox.org. So I get that started and then I can do other things while I’m listening! Mostly that’s just putting together Etsy kits (or in this case wrapping a kit someone had ordered and requested gift wrapping for), making knotted friendship bracelets (oh yeah, if you want to buy some and support The Smile Project, check out my page about it HERE), or doing envelope art.

3 (853x1280)

4 (1280x853)

I use Sonlight’s curriculum in part for my literature, and they already have it divided into days. So when I’ve finished listening to two days worth of my book (this day I was reading A Tale of Two Cities which was pretty good!) I’ll head to the computer and type up a narration. Narrations are just writing back what I remember from what I read. They’re usually between 200-500 words. I’ll also usuallyย work on my essay for the week after I write my narration. I may or may not have forgotten on this particular Wednesday.

5 (1280x853)
note the rather inky fingers, thanks to envelope art ๐Ÿ™‚

Then I do the horribleness that is geometry. Well, really, it’s not that awful for math. Mostly because I’m kind of okay at it, which is not a normal occurrence when it comes to math and me. I don’t particularly enjoy it, but it’s not hard so that’s nice. But this Wednesday morning I didn’t do it because the program wasn’t cooperating.

So since I got done with my morning stuff a little earlier than usual I posted BIBPC, which I had mostly prepared the night before, and then I got two Etsy orders ready to be shipped out. By then it was lunch so I ate whatever leftovers I could find. After everyone had eaten lunch Carmen and I cleaned up the dishes.

6 (853x1280)

7 (853x1280)

It was a little after 1:00 now so I got the mail and read the letter I got (YAY LETTERS) and then I had to do chemistry, as I had an exam the next day and studying is usually necessary for those sorts of things. SIGH.

8 (1280x853)9 (1280x853)

But I got through it, with a few distractions from Tom.

10 (853x1280)

Then I tried math again but it still wouldn’t load (eventually I ended up just skipping that lesson) which was heartbreaking, of course. How sad to not be able to do math. I was crushed.

11 (1280x853)

Despite my loss I mustered on. Next up was laundry. Allison and I take turns doing either laundry or supper each week, and this was my week for laundry. I listened to more of A Tale of Two Cities while folding the laundry. Huzzah for multi-tasking!

12 (1280x853)

Then I had to make pizza crust, because we were having movie night that night. (Typically we have it on Saturday but Wednesday was one of the few available evenings that week so we switched.) So I also made supper that day, because whoever does laundry also makes pizza for movie night.

13 (1280x853)
motion with poor lighting is not a good combination for my camera, sorry!

While the dough was rising I worked on some blogging and Etsy stuff online, and then helped put away groceries. Lots of them.

14 (853x1280)

By the time they were all away the dough had risen enough, so I rolled out the crusts and put all the toppings on the pizza and put them in the oven!

15 (1280x853)

We watched Aladdin (the live action one) that night and I don’t think I did much after the movie. Whatever it was, I’ve forgotten about it and didn’t take any pictures.

16 (1280x853)

So that brings and end to my Wednesday! It wasn’t terribly eventful, but I guess that kind of defines most “normal” days. Hopefully it was somewhat interesting to read about! ๐Ÿ™‚

what three things take up most of your “normal” days?

did you check out the bracelet page? ๐Ÿ˜€

abg signoff


43 thoughts on “A Wednesday in the Life of That Person Over There (Just Kidding – it’s Me!)

  1. Hey Megan, I didnโ€™t know that you used teaching text books! That`s pretty cool, seeing as that`s what`s me and my family use.
    It looks like you had a nice day. Hurray for pizza!
    And also, do you think that you could pray for me and my family? We just found out that the people that own our house are selling {we`re renting the house we live in now}. We really want to find a bigger house {seeing as there`s 9 of us kids} on lots of property. Thanks!


  2. This was a wondermous day in the life post! *applauds* The photos were great, I love how they captured different little details of your day. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hurrah for yellow scissors and for inky fingers – I love having marker/paint/pen marks on my hands. ๐Ÿ˜› Also, a very random fact is that it appears we have the same measuring cups. *nods importantly* That pizza looks amazing! Also also, I’m wearing my sunset bracelet right now. That was such a good idea to help support The Smile Project. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was such a fun post to read! I love reading about a normal day for other people.
    Absolutely *devastating* not to be able to do geometry. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think itโ€™s better than algebra but definitely not easy, either.
    A normal weekday for me mainly consists of going to school, basketball practice, and then doing homework. I usually donโ€™t have a ton of free time, but thatโ€™s the sacrifice I make for basketball, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for sharing a normal day of your life. It was so refreshing to hear about the life of a special mother who is living what she believes in. I too, am a Christian, a barefoot Christian. When I read the title of your home page I was curious to read some of your blogs. My kids are grown and I didnโ€™t have the luxury of homeschooling them but I appreciate the gift of your time learning and sharing what your kids is truly a luxury. They are blessed. So on those rough days, when nothing seems to motivate your children or they just arenโ€™t listening very well, be encouraged that you are making a difference. God Bless You.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually, I’m currently being homeschooled, I’m not a Mom yet. But I am super grateful that Mom and Dad chose to homeschool me and I love the way it’s taught me to learn things not just in school but from all my experiences! My mom certainly is making a difference. ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks again for the comment!


      1. Oh goodness. How remarkable you must be and blessed to have parents willing and able to share their time. For so many children, that is unimaginable. Sad, but true. Now I am impressed to learn that you enjoy snail mail. Writing letters is an excellent way to improve your written communication skills. Like mastering any special craft such as playing the piano, improving your skills comes with practice, coaching and observing the talent of others. Your snail mail efforts serve as practice. Up until age 45, writing letters was an important way for me to share my story and stay connected to those I love. It began with my first pen pal. I met Robin Willis from South Africa when I was reading an Archie magazine. We wrote long letters to each other for many years. His writing skills were astonishing. Crisp and detailed. It was as if he was my best friend and lived next door to me. So in conclusion, keep writing, keep reading, and most of all, enjoy your journey.


      2. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m blessed indeed. I know, I really hope to spread snail mail around because I think it’s such a meaningful thing to do for people, and for yourself ’cause it’s so fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s so neat, pen pals can definitely be amazing friends! Thank you so much!


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