BIBPC 7 Category 2

Hey everyone!

I’m back for round two of BIBPC! Thanks to all of y’all who entered, this was a really fun category to see entries for! 😀

Sign-ups are still open all throughout the contest, so if you missed the first sign up post you can go ahead and do that now, and currently you’ll be put on team Spring since they have the fewest team members. Check out the post with the rules and all that fun stuff right HERE.

Let’s go see what team is in the lead! If there’s an asterisk beside your name, I did receive your photo.

*note: spring recieved 22 extra points because of two less team members than the rest of the teams*

graphics below were made in

team spring


  1. Amie*
  2. Ornamentofgraceblog *
  3. Weez*
  4. Eliana *
  5. Sam *
  6. Sarah @ paper-ish *
  7. Cailyn*

Points for this round: 96

Total points: 96

team summer


  1. Jo*
  2. Clara *
  3. Sarah @ paraphernalia *
  4. Ezra *
  5. SCompere
  6. Mary *
  7. Reya Hale
  8. Sara Abbott *

Points for this round: 77

Total points: 77

team autumn


  1. Annie *
  2. Vaishnavi
  3. Kaleb *
  4. Isabel
  5. Liana *
  6. Mukta
  7. Esmerelda *

Points for this round: 64

Total points: 64

team winter


  1. Faith on the Farm *
  2. Arabella
  3. Averey *
  4. surfer.of.the.sea.of.words *
  5. Laura *
  6. Diamond *
  7. Hannah
  8. Rosy Marr *

Points for this round: 69

Total points: 69

Great job, Team Spring! Great job everyone – you all took some pretty great photos. 🙂 My favorite photo from this round goes to Faith on the Farm from Team Winter! Her photo was of an “Unnoticed Notice”.


I love it! 🙂 And Winter gets five bonus points (already calculated into the score) for it being my favorite of the round.

Some Brief Reminders

  • Photos are scored on quality, creativity, and how well you stuck to the category. Max score is 15, unless I add in a bonus option for a chance for more points.
  • No filters, but you can edit manually with exposure, sharpness, curves, levels, cropping, etc.

Alright, onwards!

Category the Second










I look forward to seeing the entries for this one!

The deadline is January 14, 11:59 PM EST. The next post will be up on the fifteenth hopefully!

If you’re submitting your photo through the survey, click HERE. You will most likely need to resize your photos if you choose that option.

Before we leave, another thanks to the sponsors of BIBPC #7: FivesiesDesigns, AmayaJadeAndCo, and SewWhatCreations12!

how has your 2020 been so far?

whales or dolphins?

abg signoff

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  1. Hi, Megan! I’ve been trying for a while, but the survey isn’t letting me upload. I really have no time to write a post, so is there any other way I can get it to you? Sorry for the inconvenience! 😦


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