Sunflower at Golden Hour (Photoshoot + T-Shirt Review)

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Hello everyone!

I’m back with another yellow photoshoot! 😀 This one is a lot less bright than our last one, but I think you’ll enjoy it! It’s very golden. And it stars a wonderful sunflower t shirt from the Etsy shop JustImagineStudiosCa.

Dyanna, the owner of the shop, was kind enough to send me one of her t shirts to review and do a photoshoot in! So today, that’s what I’ll be doing. 🙂 Kudos to Allison for the photos!

1 (1400x2100)
Heh, the Black Eyed Susans are a bit thirsty, but they were the closest thing to sunflowers that were blooming.

My shirt actually came while we were on vacation, so I was excited to find it when I got back. When I picked it out, I wasn’t sure if a medium or a small would be best, because depending on the shirt I usually fit in one of those categories. But it said it was a looser fit so I went with small and I’m glad I did!

4 (2100x1400)

3 (2100x1400)

It’s a pretty long shirt so it looks a little weird untucked, but it’s nice for tucking in. If I could pick I think I’d have it be a little shorter so it would look nice either way, but I’d much rather it be too long than too short. 😉 If any of you have long torsos, then this is the shirt for you! Hehe.

5 (1400x2100)
It was SO hard to get Maggie to cooperate for the photos. Also my fingers look weird in this one.

The material is really nice too. It’s not super heavy or thick which I like, but it’s not super thin or see through. A very happy medium!

9 (1400x2100)7 (2100x1400) (2)

8 (2100x1400)

The neckline is a pretty basic t shirt neckline which I like. It’s not uncomfortably high, but it’s definitely not too low. Another happy medium!

10 (1400x2100) 14 (1400x2100)

13 (2100x1400)

12 (2100x1400)

This particular shirt comes in six colors: Mustard, Lilac, Blue, Orange, White, and Black. I obviously chose mustard because YAY YELLOW! Plus yellow and sunflowers go together quite well. It was a little more orangey brown than I was expecting, but that works well since fall is coming up. 🙂

16 (1400x2100).jpg
I love this one! 🙂 Cosmos are so pretty when the sun lights them up.

17 (1400x2100) 18 (1400x2100)

19 (1399x2100)
Gotta do the classic wildflower-in-jean-pocket photo! 🙂

I was kinda expecting the sleeves to be a little different on the edges, based off of the photo, but they weren’t. I guess it might work to roll them up so they’d look like that? Anyway, it’s not a huge deal.

21 (1400x2100)  28 (1400x2100)

22 (1400x2100)
The classic surprised-while-carrying-an-invisible-tray-of-cookies pose. Haha I have NO idea what I’m doing here.
25 (1399x2100)
We tried again with Maggie, but now she looks like she’s relaxing in front of a high-power fan.
26 (1399x2100)
Heh…. Okay Maggie, you did pretty well here. I guess this one’s my fault.

29 (1399x2100)  31 (1400x2100)

The sunflower icon is very clear and well printed. I really like this style of a graphic: simple, but not too simple. (Look, it’s the third happy medium!)

35 (1400x2100)
Yeah, this didn’t work out so well. But the leaves look so pretty and golden!

This shirt would probably work well with a half tuck, but I can’t really do those so I just tuck it in completely.

36 (1400x2100)  37 (1400x2100)
^I had to pause and remove a splinter.    

38 (1400x2100)
I tried balancing on the fence, and promptly toppled over.

39 (1400x2100)  40 (1400x2100)

42 (1400x2100)
Why so smug, Megan? Anyway, this is what it’s like when it’s untucked. Very long. It would work better with jeans instead of shorts if I wanted it to be untucked I think.

Yep, I think that’s about it! It’s now one of my favorite, if not my favorite t shirts, and perfect for the end of summer/beginning of fall. She has a bunch of other t shirts in her shop too, if sunflowers aren’t your favorite! There are butterflies, cacti, vintage flowers, gardening, and so many other kinds. So go check it out!

jisc collage

Etsy shop: JustImagineStudiosCa

Sunflower t-shirt: Sunflower Rising ~ Womens Sunflower Tee

Thanks again to Dyanne for sending me the shirt! I should probably do some sort of disclaimer like everyone else does, so **I received this t-shirt free in return for a review, but all thoughts are my own.**

Shall we end with a flying leap?

43 (1399x2100)

can you pick a favorite photo?

what color would you get this shirt in?

abg signoff

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