The Summer Bored Games: Week 3

Hello everyone!

Yay, SBG has been coming along quite nicely! We’re into the second half now. I’ve loved hearing feedback and seeing all your photos! And I’m also excited for y’all to see these new challenges. 😀 There are some pretty interesting ones for sure. But first, the top ten contestants!

10: Sara Abbott 183 points

9: Rebbeca~Joy 184 points

8: Jehosheba 186 points

7: Saege Edevane 210 points

6: M Kenechi Duatron 220 points

5: Hattush 228 points

4: Peyton 252 points

3: Jo 265 points

2: Laura 277 points

1: Avery 281 points

Good job everyone!! 😀

You have until the end of this week to complete however many of the 35 challenges below you wish to do. This is the only week that you’ll be able to complete these challenges.

When you’ve completed all the challenges you’d like to for the week, submit your points using the survey included in this post (see it below). Please try to submit your results just once per week. I suggest waiting until the end of the week to submit the survey.

Are you ready to see this week’s awesome challenges? Remember, the number at the end of each challenge is the number of points you’ll earn for that challenge. 🙂

  1. Send a letter to a family member who lives far away. 2
  2. Tickle someone with a feather. 2
  3. Perform your best imitation of a donkey’s bray for someone. 1
  4. Make no-churn strawberry ice cream. 2
  5. Invent a new holiday and find someone to celebrate it with you. 2
  6. Do a different hairstyle for four days straight (i.e. ponytail, bun, braids, spikey, etc.). 4
  7. Buy a gumball. 2
  8. Make pasta and dye it a bright color with food coloring. 3
  9. Do an active activity for thirty minutes (such as running, biking etc.). 3
  10. Write an inspiring quote and put it in a public place. 3
  11. Make a quiz based on your favorite book. 3
  12. Write a song dedicated to vacuum cleaners and record yourself singing it. 4
  13. Find a picture of a cute dog, print/cut it out, and tape it to a random car window (make sure the tape doesn’t leave a sticky residue). 2
  14. Suggest a book to your librarian that your library doesn’t have. 3
  15. Do something you’ve never done before! (i.e. try a handstand, make a cheesecake, have a swimming race etc. Get creative!) 4
  16. Find a four-leaf clover. (MP) 10 (*requires photo proof*)
  17. Ask someone to be your pen pal. 4
  18. Listen to your favorite song at 2x speed. (Go to a song on YouTube, click “Settings”, click “playback speed” and select “2.”) 1
  19. Fill a bucket with at least one gallon of water and add ice cubes until it’s freezing cold, and then dump it over your head. 4
  20. Host a family talent show. (MP) 10
  21. Memorize the lyrics to a song in one day. 4
  22. Make up a secret handshake and teach it to someone. 2
  23. Read a nonfiction book over 30 pages. 2
  24. Write a poem dedicated to your favorite food. 2
  25. Find and follow a new blog. To do this you can go to any of the hosts’ blog button pages. 1
  26. Fold an origami butterfly. 2
  27. Dramatically and loudly (within reason) recite a poem in front of at least two people in public. (MP) 10
  28. Sit outside and watch the sunrise/set for twenty minutes. 4
  29. Go cloud watching. Look at the sky until you see a cloud that reminds you of something. Take a picture of it, and show it to someone else in real life or via the internet to see what they think it looks like. 3
  30. Set up a photo booth, make props, and take fun photos of family/friends. 4
  31. Have a contest with someone to see who can make the longest-flying paper airplane. 4
  32. Run laps around your house each day for a week: one lap the first day, two the second, three the third, etc. (MP) 10
  33. Spend the night in a blanket fort. (MP) 10
  34. Hold the door for someone. 3
  35. Plant a flower or plant and give it a name. 3

HEHE have fun with that water and ice one. XD Hopefully not too many people are doing this where it’s winter in their country…

If you have any questions about the challenges, the game, or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us at summerboredgames(at)gmail(dot)com. We’re happy to help!

If you’d like to print off a checklist for this week, CLICK HERE. A checklist is super helpful to keep track of all the challenges when you’re on the go!

Here are some of my favorites from the photos y’all submitted this week! I tried to get one picture from everyone who submitted some for this week. 🙂

















M Kenechi Duatron:





Rosy Marr
Ooh these are pretty! 🙂









BONUS POINTS: Don’t forget to send in photos of your challenge adventures and collect points by emailing us at summerboredgames( at )gmail( dot )com! We’ll pick our favorite photos to include in the next post. (If you’re just completing the challenges just for fun and haven’t signed up, we’d still love to see your photos!)
NOTE: From now on we’re just counting one photo per challenge! So if you submit three photos from one challenge, yay, but we’ll just count one of them. 😛

Have you completed all the challenges you’d like to do for this week? Awesome! Just click the image below to submit your points:

Click that graphic and it should take you right to the form!

You have until 11:59 PM EST on July 21st to complete as many challenges as you can and submit your points. Have fun everyone!

what challenge looks the hardest to you?

do you like vacuuming?

35 thoughts on “The Summer Bored Games: Week 3

  1. About the house thing… we’re staying at a friend’s house, would it be possible to run laps around their house or no? Just wondering if that would be okay. It’s fine if not!


  2. YAY! Go Averey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Keep up the good work!!! *claps hands*
    This weeks challenges look really fun!! Looking forward to doing them!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. GOOO AVERY!!!!!!! 😀 Awesome job everyone! I’ve been having a blast with this week’s SBG! 🙂
    Btw, I was wondering. If we send more than one photo, even if only one is counted, will we still get points or not for more than one picture? Or just one?
    Thanks! 🙂


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