The Summer Bored Games 2019 Sign-Ups

Hello everyone!

I’m so, so excited to announce the second Summer Bored Games! Many of you heard about and/or participated in SBG 2018 and I’m thrilled that it’s returning this year.

If you don’t know what SBG is, you’re gonna need to read the rules if you want to find out. And if you already know, read it again because 1.) you should take time to appreciate all the hard work Clara put into her graphics, 2.) we changed some things, and 3.) we made a really fun trailer this time which you should definitely watch!

Without further ado…


The Summer Bored Games is a fun and creative way to bust boredom this summer, with dozens of wacky challenges, from thoughtful missions to completely random activities. Collect points by completing challenges, and enter to win an awesome prize!


K. A. // Cuddly Critters Blog

Clara // Clara & Co.

Megan // A Barefoot Gal

Allison // A Farm Girl’s Life


SBG hosts Clara, K. A., Megan, and Allison will take turns posting new challenges once a week for the entire month of July.

Each post will include 35 challenges, all assigned a certain number of points. The harder or wackier the challenge, the more points it gives you!

Participants collect points by successfully completing challenges. The number of challenges you finish is up to you; however, you must complete any weekly challenges in that week alone for those points to count. If you miss a week, feel free to do the challenges just for fun, but they won’t earn you any points toward the giveaway.


In each of the challenge posts, a survey will be provided that participants can use to send their points from the completed challenges to a host blogger for a chance to win a prize (host bloggers are not eligible for the prize). However, if a participant would rather conquer the challenges just for fun and not win a prize, they can simply complete the challenges however they wish and not worry about keeping track of points.


SBG PHOTOS: You can earn up to 15 extra points by submitting up to 5 pictures per week relating to challenges you’ve done. Each photo will earn 3 points, so if you enter the maximum amount of photos every week, you will earn 60 bonus points. However, it is up to the hosts’ discretion to decide whether or not the photo should count (i.e. if you send us a photo of a computer for “follow a new blog”). We love to see any and all of your photos so you don’t have to stop at five, but you’ll only get points for five photos each week. Unless you say otherwise, we may add your photos to the next challenge post so others can see what fellow participants are up to! We’ll provide an email address for you to send the photos to in each weekly post.


Prizes come in a three-tier winner system. Participants are entered for a chance to win the prize corresponding to their point range.

If, at the end of the challenge, you have 0-50 points, you are not eligible to win a prize. If you are in the lowest prize tier, which is for participants with 51-200 points, you have a chance of winning a $10 Amazon or Etsy gift card. If you are in the middle prize tier, which is for participants with 201-350 points, you have a chance of winning a $15 Amazon or Etsy gift card. If you are in the top prize tier, which is for participants with 351+ points, you have a chance of winning a $20 Amazon or Etsy gift card.

At the end of the challenge, we’ll tally up each participant’s total points, fit them into the proper point tier, and random-generate the winners. If you work hard, you can earn yourself more of a chance for more of a prize!


Challenge Post #1: Cuddly Critters Blog on July 1st

Challenge Post #2: Clara & Co. on July 8th

Challenge Post #3: A Barefoot Gal on July 15th

Challenge Post #4: A Farm Girl’s Life on July 22nd

Challenge Winners: Cuddly Critters Blog, Clara & Co., A Barefoot Gal, and A Farm Girl’s Life on July 29th

  • The challenge is open to participants worldwide, and to ages 10-20.
  • Please get a parent’s permission before signing up if you are under age 18.
  • Please sign up just once, on any one (but not more than one) of the hosts’ blogs.
  • Sign up to participate in the Summer Bored Games 2019 with the contact form below! (If you’re on WordPress Reader, the contact form probably won’t show up until you visit my actual blog.)

If you’re excited for The Summer Bored Games and want to let others in on the fun, we’d quite appreciate if you could share this post to Pinterest, Facebook, or other social media, repost it on your blog, or tell your family and friends! Even if you don’t win a prize, you can still have fun competing with your siblings or friends to see who can get the most points! And even if you don’t plan on doing SBG but know of others who might, go ahead and tell them! The more the merrier!

Here’s an infographic to sum up all of the above.


Okay, are you ready for the trailer? Here we go!

Music credit to! It’s a very catchy tune, which means it will stick in your head, which means you’re gonna keep getting excited about SBG! 😀

YAY! This is gonna be so much fun, guys! 😀 I hope you join, and I hope you have a lot of fun! If you want to share this on your blog a great way to do that would be to include the trailer for a quick explanation.

That’s all for now. I’m excited for July!

are you signing up??

what’s one thing (other than sbg) that you’re excited for this summer?

30 thoughts on “The Summer Bored Games 2019 Sign-Ups

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY SBG! Thank you so much for all of your amazing ideas and planning and answering my confusing questions about everything! XD I’M SO EXCITED!

    -Clara ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That trailer is awesome! *applause* If only I was less busy in the summer instead of more! XD I can’t wait to see how it goes!
    Also I can’t help but ask, were you eating blue spaghetti? With toothpicks??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAY! Thank you! I quite like it myself! Oh dear. Welp, I hope you have a great summer anyway!
      Because it’s one of the challenges and because I enjoy dying pasta different colors. 😀 (Although sadly my family isn’t a fan of blue pasta.)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. AH AH AHH OMW I’M SO EXCITEDD :DDD It’s gonna be so much fun. Gotta double check with my parents but I for sure want to sign up. Can’t wait! Beautiful graphics Clara 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. YAY! This is my first year, and I am SO excited!

    That wouldn’t of happened to be green spaghetti you were eating, was it??

    Have a great day!


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