Sunny Buttercups & Sulky Felines

Hello everyone!

A few days ago I was taking some pictures for Hannah’s photography contest, and I decided to photograph some of the buttercups that are everywhere right now.

I was originally taking a picture of our black cat, Jinx, with a buttercup crown for the contrast category, so I’ll start with those photos. Allison kindly let me borrow her DSLR.

Jinx is not a very buttercup-like cat, which is another reason I decided to do this for the category.

I don’t think Jinx enjoyed this photography session very much. I was holding him with one hand and taking picture after picture with the other, hoping that some of them would work. XD He went off and sulked after I was done.

I like the little green leaf by his ear!

This is one of my favorites. ^

I didn’t mean to just focus on his nose and whiskers, but it looks kinda neat. πŸ˜€

I’m not sure what’s up with Jinx’s eyes… they are usually a little brighter green/yellow.

That’s the end of the Jinx pictures, but here’s a quick Tom photo.

Now for just a few various buttercup photos.

I took those while adjusting the settings when Carmen was fetching a cat.

Onto a few non-DSLR photos taken with my camera! Most of these were taken when I was walking the half-a-mile walk to get the mail.

I’m trying to decide if I like this picture or not. πŸ˜› It was actually upside down, but I flipped it around because the previous angle seemed a little confusing.

I liked the buttercups with my jeans as a background, but this was basically the only good one I got.

This might be my favorite not-cat one. I like the light airiness of it!

That is all of the buttercup pictures, but before you go I have an announcement to make.

AHEM! Introducing…

EIGHT NEW BABY BUNNIES! Willow had a new litter three days ago and set a new record with eight squiggly, chirping, not-quite-adorable rabbits! I can’t wait until a few weeks when they’ll be hopping around and fluffy and YAY BABY BUNNIES! πŸ˜€

favorite wildflower?Β 

any baby bunny name suggestions?Β 

92 thoughts on “Sunny Buttercups & Sulky Felines

  1. I love the cat photos. XD The buttercups are so pretty! And congratulations on the baby bunnies!! They’re so tiny and sweet. πŸ™‚


  2. AWWW JINXY. He doesn’t look impressed with the buttercups, and neither does Tom. XD Also buttercups are gorgeous. ALSO YES I LOVE THE BABY BUNNIES EEP!


  3. AHHHH The bunnies are adorable!!!! Now I want one! ❀
    Beautiful buttercup pictures! But poor Jinx. -Jo


      1. ❀ Now to convince my family we need a bunny.. *rubs hands and laughs evilly*


  4. I love buttercups – they’re so pretty, and your pictures are almost nicer than the actual thing. πŸ˜‰ Hehe, your cats are adorable! AND THE BUNNIES. THE BUNNIES. I think you should call one…Thyme?


  5. BABY BUNNIES!!! (comes over and steals them) XD XD XD Your photos are gorgeous!! Wow, half a mile walks is a long walk, but I suppose you get your exercise! πŸ™‚


  6. Um I need to name bunnies *squeals* Buttercups are so, so aesthetic, amirite?
    Names (cause i like naming things)
    Buttercup (look im so so creative)
    Sheldon (i dont know okay)


  7. Name suggestions: Girls: Lily, Rose, Ella, Amelia. Boys: bow, Chanler, Justin, Boston.
    Great Photos!! Your cats are really cute! By the way, I have a new blog, wanna check it out?


  8. Those cats, buttercups and bunnies made this post so dang a m a z i n g! πŸ˜€ I feel like squeezing those bunnies although that would kill them so I better refrain from doing so XD Name ideas…? How about Cookie? Or Cupcake? Or Donut? Or… sorry I’m kinda hungry πŸ˜›


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