Introducing THE SURVEY


Today I have a post with something my friend (Craefish AKA MacRae) and I have been working on for quite a bit. Or maybe not terribly long. I don’t actually remember. Anyway, we’ve been working on it and now we’re done.

The title might have given you a hint as to what it is. It’s a survey with questions about anything from cereal to donkeys. Our first surveys we gave out were to people in our church and we got 20 responses from that. It was quite fun to do and I was surprised by some of the people who wanted to do it.

Without further ado, I present to you…


Click on the (very creative) title of the survey to answer the 20 questions we’ve made.Β Have fun!

what was your favorite question in the survey?Β 

do you have any ideas for questions for a part 2?

63 thoughts on “Introducing THE SURVEY

  1. Yes, I loved that! Random and weird are my favorite qualities to see in other people (because that means I’m not the only one) and this was an awesome survey. Please do a part II!!!!


  2. Ah, this was hysterical!!! I was laughing like crazy about the kangaroo “top limbs” hahahaha! Please do another, I loved it and answering it was so much fun!
    Here’s a funny question you could use, (only if you wanted) “What do you think hugging should be called? Hugging or Squishing?” Hahaha! Funny?
    You guys are so creative, I loved this. πŸ˜€


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