Best of 2017 {Blogging Awards} – Voting Part 2

Hello! I’m back with part two of the blogging awards voting. If you missed part one, it’s HERE. I also went over some additional rules in that post. The two main ones you need to know are 1), don’t vote for yourself, and 2), you have through December 26th to vote.

Alright, here we go!

Category #13: Best Lifestyle Post

  1. State Fair Photography // 2017 @ Clara and Co.
  2. Crossing The Sea @ Almost Around the Bend
  3. Gone Camping @ A Farm Girl’s Life
  4. 5 basic self care tips @  midnight wanderer
  5. A Day In The Life of A Redhead (Collab with Rose@APurposeOfWingedDogs) @ Red Head With a Book
  6. Make Up – A Discussion Post With Thoughts From Teens Of The Blogosphere @ A Light in the Darkness
  7. My First Day Experiences In The UK @ Social Spying
  8. the indy chronicle – school holidays and other stuff @ Indy’s Soliloquies
  9. A Video ROOM TOUR Of My Top Secret Lair  @ Abbiee
  10. THE 12 TIPS OF CHRISTMAS: How to Keep Writing During the Holidays ‌• COLLAB w/ K.E. Stanton @ Charis Rae
  11. Mountain Photography @ Maddy’s Digital Diary
  12. How To Get Ready For Winter ❄️ ☃️ @ My Life as the Daughter of the One True King
  13. “Write Christmas” Writing Contest + Recent Photography @ Clara and Co.

Category #14: Best DIY Post (apologies for random big text – I don’t know what’s going on there)

  1. // the super mega ultimate prefix ice cream sandwich™ // @ let’s be lost
  2. Art Lab, Episode 26 @ A Farm Girl’s Life (Nominated 3 times)
  3. STORYBOARD YOUR NOVEL • Using Pinterest for Your Writing @ Charis Rae
  4. Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies @ A Barefoot Gal
  5. Craft Tour~ Recreating The AG Grand Hotel! @ AG Doll Awesome
  6. DIY Cute Scrapbook/ Journal 🐱 @ Busy Bee

  7. Let’s Make A Card!! @ Through the Eyes of Gracie

  8. DIY Star Wars Rey Costume @ Charis Rae

  9. Easy DIY AG Doll Bed @ Kaits AG Crafts

  10. Clay Rose Necklace // DIY @ Crafts of all Seasons

  11. DIY Tiny Christmas Zines @ Busy Bee

Category #15: Best Review Post

  1. The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater @ Paper Fury
  2. Wonder: Book Review // by R.J. Palacio @ {Peeking Through a Kaleidoscope} (Nominated 2 times)
  3. Everland Mini Book Review *spoiler free* @ Red Head With a Book
  4. Everland Mini Book Review *spoiler free* @ AG Doll Awesome
  5. The Stages of Seeing Your Favourite Book Be Adapted for the Screen // WONDER! @ Awkward Aris
  6. Review: MYAG (Truly Me) doll #55 @ Clara’s Craft Corner
  7. 18 Awesome Books that you will LOVE! @ Crafts of all Seasons
  8. Wellie Wisher Doll Willa – Review @ Doll Habit
  9. Starfish // Much Love for this Gorgeous Book w/ Great Rep, an Asian MC (!!!), and Gorgeous Writing! [ARC Review] @ Forever and Everly

Category #16: Best Collab Post

  1. Interview With My Little Brother! @ Lula Boo
  2. The Twelve Tips of Christmas- How to Stay Motivated in Writing During the Holidays part 2 @ K.E. Stanton
  3. Emotion Doodles poem collab @ The Perks of being Different
  4. TomBoy Morning Routine//Collab with Bella@DollHabit for her 50 Followers Celebration! @ AG Doll Awesome
  5. Blogger Expectations VS Reality ‌• Collab with Nabila @ Hot Town Cool Girl @ Charis Rae
  6. Introducing DIY Design @ A Barefoot Gal

Category #17: Best Photoshoot

  1. Blossoms @ A Barefoot Gal
  2. Bunnies in Autumn @ A Farm Girl’s Life
  3. The Camera That Shot Me @ A Barefoot Gal (Nominated 2 times)
  4. Books, Blooms, and Bales {Portrait Photography} @ A Farm Girl’s Life (Nominated 2 times)
  5. Golden Hour Sisters Photoshoot @ A Farm Girl’s Life (Nominated 2 times)
  6. WHAT A BAD DAY FEELS LIKE. @ kings.jpg
  7. Photoshoot with Basil @ A Barefoot Gal (Nominated 2 times)
  8. Pink Madness @ Elly Lily
  9. Traveling in Style ~ A Photoshoot @ Small Dolls in a Big World
  10. ~Etcetera~ @ A Farm Girl’s Life
  11. the diamond effect // a model & a photoshoot  @ Dolls N’ All
  12. Photoshoot: Olivia. @ Cassia Elisabeth
  13. Beach Photography @ Maddy’s Digital Diary
  14. My Summer In Photos // 2017 @ Clara and Co.
  15. Twilight Inspired Photo-shoot/ Introducing…. @ Kiki Through the Looking-Glass
  16. Fall & Downtown Portraits @ Lucillian Photography
  17. Bean Picking~A Josefina Photoshoot @  Treasured

Category #18: Best Nature Photography Post

  1. Falling Again @  A Farm Girl’s Life
  2. Autumn Photography @ Incomplete Thinking
  3. I Got a New Camera Lens! {+Photo Dump} @  A Farm Girl’s Life
  4. « photographer wannabe » @ Alternate Galaxy
  5. Chasing Sunsets @ A Farm Girl’s Life
  6. Silhouetted In The Cold @ Around the Bend
  7. Charleston || Isle of Palms @ Maddy’s Digital Diary (Nominated 2 times)
  8. Nature Photography @ Maddy’s Digital Diary
  9. Charleston || Lake Marion Photography @ Maddy’s Digital Diary
  10. Garden Photography @ A Barefoot Gal
  11. The Sky’s On Fire @ A Farm Girl’s Life

Category #19: Best Photostory

  1. Headless Halloween~A Scary Photo Story @ AG Doll Awesome
  2. Hope In The Blooms~Mega AGDA Photo Story {For 399 Follows} @ AG Doll Awesome
  3. The Driving Disaster~A Photo Story @ AD Doll Awesome
  4. The Magic Tree House~A Photo Story @ AG Doll Awesome
  5. HOTH Season 3 Prologue through part 10 (Complete Hang on to Hope Season Three) @ Delightful World of Dolls (Nominated 6 times)
  6. The Big Birthday Bash (A Photostory) @ American Girls in Alaska
  7. Fall 2017 Photography @ Absolutely Olivia
  8. Wealthy Hearts (see bottom of page) Photostory Series @ AG Doll Awesome

Category #20: Cutest Post

  1. Photoshoot with Basil @ A Barefoot Gal
  2. Basil the Bunny {Three Weeks Old} @ A Barefoot Gal
  3. Bunnies in Autumn @ A Farm Girl’s Life
  4. Baby Bunnies – HELP ME I’M MELTING @ A Farm Girl’s Life (Nominated 2 times)
  5. Interview/Guest Post With Carmen @ A Barefoot Gal
  6. My new obsession with kitties + a video you need to see @ Flourishing By Restful Falls
  7. DIY Tiny Christmas Zines @ Busy Bee
  8. The Various Misadventures of Twila Bells @ AG Doll Awesome
  9. Gifts to Make/Get Your AG Doll for Christmas! @ Kaylyn’s World
  10. Stuffie Bedtime Story @ Beezus the Bear
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH (+ Blog News & Extreme Cuteness) @ Clara and Co.
  12. perfect foreign words with no English equivalent @ two girls, two mountains
  13. The growth of Selah — Calf photography @ Flourishing by Restful Falls
  14. Happy Thanksgiving! What Dwuff Is Grateful For @ Stuffie Adventures

Category #21: Funniest Post

  1. On Smushed Cameras, Dead Sand Dollars, and Corn on the Cob @ A Barefoot Gal
  2. i let my brother write a post for me… @ Capturing and Creating (Nominated 2 times)
  3. I Get That School Is Supposed To Be Weird, But… @ Just a Small Town Girl
  4. Random Snippets #2 @ A Barefoot Gal
  5. 5 Horrendous Books I Wrote As A Child And What I Learned From Them (The Early Writings TAG!) @ Abbiee
  6. How to Be a Ninja @ Let’s Be Lost
  7. Weird Wednesday #6 @ Starling
  9. Day in the Life of a Writer | a NaNo Photostory @ Happy House of AG
  10. Out to Pasture @ A Farm Girl’s Life
  11. How To Write The Perfect Book Review (And Not Eat A Brick Wall In Terror Of The Process) @ Paper Fury
  12. April Debriefing @ Project Blank Page

Category #22: Most Educational Post

  1. “Good Representation” Concerning Diversity in (YA) Books: Better None or Forced/Wrong? Different Experiences? @ Forever and Everly
  2. 10 Quick Tips for Conquering NaNoWriMo + Group Wordsprint @ Charis Rae
  3. Helpful WordPress HTML + Other Extremely Useful Coding Hacks @ Joy Unspeakable
  4. 10 Tips for Newbie Bloggers {What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago} @ Purely Olivia
  5. How to Use a Grain Bin for Acrobatic Training @ A Farm Girl’s Life

Category #23: Most Creative Post

  1. Helpful WordPress HTML + Other Extremely Useful Coding Hacks @ Joy Unspeakable
  2. Egg Adventures @ Clara and Co.
  3. {Welcome to Our Room} @ A Farm Girl’s Life
  4. raindrops | from a beauty in words  @ this journey called life
  5. The Art Lab, Episode 34: Watercolor Art @ A Farm Girl’s Life
  6.  Halloween Past and Present @ A Little Bit of Runion
  7. DIY Camera Strap @ Clara and Co.
  8. Interrogating Illuminae @ Brookeworm

Category #24: Most Encouraging Post

  1. Perseverance @ Incomplete Thinking
  2. Repairing a Relationship @ Young Ladies for Christ
  3. My Journey With God @ Red Head With a Book
  4. Giving Thanks (Even When The Sky Is Falling) @ Joy Unspeakable
  5. This life is just a blink @ Flourishing by Restful Falls
  6. you can’t make someone love you @ midnight wanderer
  7. Unimaginable @ My Bursts of Inspiration
  8. Reflections @ Incomplete Thinking
  9. There Is Strength In Vulnerability @ In a Messy World
  11. Thoughts on… {Beauty} @ A Farm Girl’s Life (Nominated 2 times)
  12. Quote of the Day @ A Homeschooling Life
  13. Why I Blog // I want to be here for you  @ A Bounce in Your Step
  14. // friends can break your heart, too // @ Let’s Be Lost
  15. Being Real, When You Wish You Were Perfect @ A Sweet N Simple Life

Category #25: Best Random Post

  1. Random Snippets #2 @ A Barefoot Gal
  2. Galleria Del Artista (October 2017) @ Typically Untypical Teen
  3. The growth of Selah — Calf photography @ Flourishing by Restful Falls
  4. Random Post #10 @ Clara and Co.
  5. {Welcome to Our Room} @ A Farm Girl’s Life
  6. Thoughts While Blogging//Screaming At Myself @ Red Head With a Book
  7. « LES MISÉRABLES | part two » @ Alternate Universe
  8. Dwelling On The Darkness @ A Light in the Darkness
  9. 5 THINGS Only Fangirls Understand + 2 Exciting Launches @ Charis Rae
  10. // summer camp | pt. one // @ Let’s Be Lost
  11. Fall: A Poem @ AG Doll Dreams
  12. Interview With My 3-Year-Old Brother {+ Some Photos} @ Embracing the Moment
  13. One of the Most Awkward Posts You’ll Ever Read {hopefully!} @ Crystal Ice Studio
  14. Mr Kipling fiendish fancies ~ Blogoween Day 29 @ I Blog a Little Bit of Everything
  15. Owning Multiple Copies of the Same Book @ Dani’s Bookshelf

Oh my, I’m so relieved to be done and I’m ready to be off the computer so goodbye. XD

megan sign-off 2 christmas


61 thoughts on “Best of 2017 {Blogging Awards} – Voting Part 2

  1. Ooh, this is such a good idea, Megan! I love that you’re supporting other bloggers through these awards. 😊 I’ll definitely head to the other post and vote there as well. So glad to see one of my posts make it! ❤

    P.S. Just wanted to let ya know that there was some random text in big font?? And then I think you had my blog name put with a review that wasn't mine! 😂


    1. Thank you! Yeah, I hope it’ll give newer blogs more traffic. 🙂
      P.S. Oh, thanks so much! I couldn’t change the big text for some reason but I fixed the review. (It was actually the wrong review because it was supposed to be your Starfish review. :))

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for nominating me for best lifestyle post!

    Also. This is such a great idea! It really helps to expose people to new blogs that they might not have come across otherwise! I’ll definitely be checking out the blogs mentioned!

    Liked by 1 person

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